Transform Your Cereal Box into a Sailboat

Transform Your Cereal Box into a Sailboat

cereal box

According to Breakfast Cereal Statistics, 2.7 billion cereal boxes are sold each year. The average American annually eats one hundred and sixty bowls of cereal. I’m not a mathematician but that sounds like quite a lot of cereal boxes to go to waste! The next time you are about to throw away one of your cereal boxes, consider upcycling. There are countless things you can do with cereal boxes rather than throwing them out. Your children will love transforming an everyday item into a fun toy. Cereal boxes are sturdy and reliant enough to make magazine holders, notebooks, drawer organizers, bookmarks, gift boxes, and much more. But today I’ll be making a sailboat!

What You’ll Need

Cereal box






Step #1

Cut the sides of the cereal box to make it easier to cut the bottom of the cereal box off.

hand holding Frosted Flakes box and scissors

cereal box cut open

Step #2

Cut the arch on both of the longer sides of the rectangle.

frosted flakes box bottom half

arch cut into box

 Now that you have a boat, you can decorate it by gluing or taping paper over it.

colored paper taped to box for decoration

Step #3

Use another part of the cereal box to draw two triangles. One triangle should be bigger than the other for sails.

triangles drawn on cardboard

Step #4

Cut the sails out. You can also decorate your sails the same way you did for your boat.

triangles cut out

cardboard triangles decorated with colored paper

Step #5

Tape the sails at each end of the pencil.

cardboard taped to pencil as sail

Step #6

Tape the pencil to the base of the boat and there you have it a cereal box sailboat!

completed cereal box sailboat


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