How to Make a Captain America Shield

captain america

How to Make a Captain America Shield

I don’t know about you but I've been ecstatic since Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out and I am already waiting for the next one to be released! Trust me there will be more. I won’t spoil the amazing details for those who haven’t seen it yet, but its a must see. I've been so excited that I decided to make a Captain America shield myself. Besides its never too late to make one and its great to have as a prized possession.

Marvel explains: “It is as much an offensive weapon as a defensive one for Captain America”.  It is made of vibranium-iron alloy which disables it from ever losing its power. The shield is extremely durable and its molecular composition absorbs all of the energy coming from his opponents. Captain America often throws his shield off surfaces to hit tricky targets and has it bounce right back to him.

We all might not be lucky enough to get injected with “Super-Soldier Serum” like Cap, but with a homemade shield we can surely pretend! Kids will also love making and playing with them. Since they’re the ones we’re making it for, right?

Before "Super-Solider Serum "

before shield

After "Super-Solider Serum"

 after shield

What You’ll Need

Cardboard box






Step #1

Draw a circle on the cardboard box

cardboard box with circle drawn on

Step #2

Cut the circle out

cardboard circle cutout

Step #3

Use a white sheet of paper to draw the star, then cut it out.

white star

Step #4

Place the star in the middle of a blue sheet of paper and draw a circle around it. Cut the blue circle out and paste the star in the middle of the paper.

white star on blue paper, hands drawing circle around it

Step #5

Repeat Step #4 with a red and white sheets of paper until you have enough to cover your cardboard circle.

Craft Note: If you do not have poster paper, tape your sheets of paper together!

glue blue circle onto red paper

Step #6

Glue everything together and unto your cardboard circle.

glue all parts together and attach to cardboard

Step #7

Cut out two pieces of the cardboard from remaining cardboard scraps for handles.

two cardboard strips cut for straps

Step #8

Tape the handles on the back of the shield. I used gorilla tape but duct tape should do the trick.

taping strips to back of shield

There you have it a Captain America Shield!

completed captain america shield


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