DIY Holiday Gifts for Teachers - Snowman Mason Jar

DIY Holiday Gifts for Teachers - Snowman Mason Jar

It's almost that time of year again. Soon the kiddies will be off from school on winter recess and you will have to bake 30 cupcakes for the classroom holiday party. It's common for parents to want to give their child's teacher a little gift during this time for a little season's greetings. But what do you get them? They are an important part of your child's everyday life, but you don't know them well enough to buy them something personal and expensive. So what do you do? No worries. We have created a simple DIY holiday gift for your kid's teachers.

Snowman Mason jars


Creating the Snowman's Buttons

To create the snowman's buttons we used the black linen paper, Strathmore ivory laid paper, the quarter and the penny. First take the quarter and trace out 6 circles on the black linen paper (this will be enough for 3 snowmen with 2 buttons each). Cut out the 6 circles with your scissors. You can even lay the quarter flat on the paper and trim around the quarter to give a cleaner edge. Do the same thing with the penny and the ivory laid paper. Once you have all 12 circles cut out, it's time to attach them. Lay an ivory colored circle on top of a black linen circle. Attach with a small amount of glue. Once the glue dries, use your pen or colored pencil to draw 4 little dots to resemble a button.

Mason jar with peppermints

Attach to the mason jar with glue.

Creating the Snowman's Face

Snowman's face

Snowman Eyes To create the snowman's face you will need the remaining ivory laid paper and the lid of the mason jar. Trace out three circles using the seal of the mason jar and cut out. Again, you can lay the metal seal flat on the paper and cut around it to give a clean circle. Once that is done, take the remaining black linen paper and cut out 6 small circles. These are going to be the coal eyes, so they should be about the size of a pencil eraser. Don't worry about making perfect circles since lumps of coal tend to be uneven. Once these are cut out, attached to the pre-cut ivory laid circle with a small amout of glue. Mouth & Nose To create the mouth, simply take a black pen or colored pencil and draw 6 small circles in the shape of a smile. We took an orange colored pencil to draw in the snowman's carrot nose. Once the snowman's face is complete, place on top of the metal seal and attache the mason jar lid.

Adding the Finishing Touches

Snowman Body Take a handful of your white shred tissue paper and fill the bottom of the mason jar about a quarter of the way. Next stuff with candy and goodies. We used classic peppermints and chocolate mints to fit with the season color scheme. Attaching the Scarf  & Tag Create the gift's personalized tag by using one of our blank white gift tags and your pen. For added cuteness, have your kid write out the to and from. To create the snowman's bright red scarf, we took about a foot of our red kraft twine and folded it in half twice. Loop the gift tag onto the twine and wrap around the neck of the mason jar. Secure by tying a bow and trim off any extra twine.

Nametag on Snowman

That's it!  A simple way to transform a mason jar into a personalized holiday gift for your kids teacher. Once they finish the candy inside, they can reuse the mason jar as a festive pencil holder for their desk.

DIY Holiday Gifts for Teachers

DIY Holiday Gifts for Teachers: Snowman Mason Jar

Looking for a thoughtful and creative gift for your child's teacher this holiday season? Consider making a DIY Snowman Mason Jar! This adorable and festive gift is not only easy to make, but it's also a unique and personalized way to show your appreciation for all the hard work and dedication teachers put into their jobs. By incorporating the focus keyword "DIY Holiday Gifts for Teachers - Snowman Mason Jar," you can create a one-of-a-kind present that will surely bring a smile to any teacher's face.

What It Is

The DIY Snowman Mason Jar is a fun and festive holiday gift that can be customized to fit any teacher's personality and interests. It typically involves painting a mason jar to resemble a snowman, filling it with small treats or trinkets, and adding a personalized touch to make it extra special.


Not only is the DIY Snowman Mason Jar a thoughtful and heartfelt gift, but it also allows you to get creative and crafty while showing your appreciation for teachers. It's a budget-friendly option that can be personalized to suit any teacher's preferences, making it a versatile and meaningful present.

Use Cases

This DIY holiday gift is perfect for showing gratitude to teachers during the holiday season. It can be given as a standalone gift or paired with other items to create a personalized gift basket. Additionally, it can be used as a classroom activity for students to create their own gifts for their teachers.


If the DIY Snowman Mason Jar doesn't suit your preferences, there are plenty of other DIY holiday gift options for teachers. Consider creating a personalized ornament, crafting a holiday-themed wreath, or assembling a gift basket filled with teacher essentials.

Tips for Using

When creating a DIY Snowman Mason Jar, consider the teacher's interests and preferences to personalize the gift. Use high-quality materials and take your time to ensure a polished and professional-looking finished product. Additionally, consider adding a handwritten note or card to express your gratitude and well wishes.

Additional Considerations

When making DIY holiday gifts for teachers, it's important to consider their preferences and any potential allergies or sensitivities. Additionally, be mindful of school policies regarding gift-giving to ensure compliance with regulations.


DIY Holiday Gifts for Teachers: Snowman Jar

During the holiday season, it's important to show appreciation to teachers who work hard all year round. DIY gifts are a personal and heartfelt gesture that can make a lasting impact. One creative and festive gift idea is the Snowman Jar, which is not only fun to make but also a unique present that teachers will love. This article will explore the benefits of DIY gifts, provide step-by-step instructions for creating the Snowman Jar, offer tips for personalizing the gift, and showcase other DIY gift ideas for teachers.

Key Summary:

  • Creative ideas for gifting teachers during the holiday season.
  • Inspiration for unique and thoughtful gifts.
  • This article will provide detailed information on DIY gifts for teachers, focusing on the Snowman Jar gift idea.

Detailed Information and Supporting Headings:

Why DIY Gifts for Teachers?

DIY gifts for teachers are a great way to show appreciation with a personal touch. By taking the time to create something yourself, you demonstrate thoughtfulness and care. Additionally, DIY gifts are often more budget-friendly than store-bought options, making them a cost-effective choice, especially for those on a tight budget. Furthermore, DIY gifts can be customized to suit the individual preferences of each teacher, ensuring a truly unique and special present.

Snowman Jar Gift Idea:

For the Snowman Jar gift idea, you will need a mason jar, white paint, black and orange construction paper, ribbon, and other decorative elements. To create the snowman jar, start by painting the mason jar white and allowing it to dry. Then, cut out black construction paper for the eyes and mouth, and orange construction paper for the nose. Attach these features to the jar to create the snowman's face. Finally, add ribbon and other decorations to complete the festive look. Personalize the gift by adding the teacher's name or a special message.

Other DIY Gift Ideas:

In addition to the Snowman Jar, there are many other DIY gift ideas for teachers. Handmade ornaments are a classic and thoughtful gift that teachers can cherish for years to come. Customized stationary, such as notepads or bookmarks, can also make a practical and personalized gift. Homemade treats, like cookies or hot cocoa mix, are another great option for teachers with a sweet tooth.

Who Can Benefit from DIY Gifts for Teachers?

DIY gifts for teachers are perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a thoughtful way to show appreciation to their child's teacher
  • Students who want to give a unique and personalized gift to their teacher
  • Crafty individuals who enjoy creating handmade gifts
  • Those on a budget who are looking for cost-effective gift ideas
  • Anyone who wants to make a lasting impression with a heartfelt gesture

When is the Best Time to Give DIY Gifts to Teachers?

You can consider giving DIY gifts to teachers:

  1. During the holiday season as a festive and thoughtful present
  2. At the end of the school year to show appreciation for their hard work
  3. On special occasions like Teacher Appreciation Week or their birthday
  4. As a random act of kindness to brighten their day
  5. Anytime you want to express gratitude and make a personal connection

Examples of DIY Gifts for Teachers in Action

Here are some use case examples of DIY gifts for teachers:

Handmade Ornaments:

  • A student creates personalized ornaments for each teacher, incorporating their favorite colors or hobbies
  • Parents organize a class project to make ornaments together, fostering a sense of community and teamwork
  • A teacher receives a handmade ornament from a former student, reminding them of the impact they've had

Customized Stationary:

  • A parent designs custom notepads for the teacher, featuring inspirational quotes or school logos
  • Students create bookmarks with personalized messages for their teacher, showing gratitude for their guidance
  • A teacher receives a set of personalized stationary as a thoughtful and practical gift

Homemade Treats:

  • A student bakes cookies for their teacher, adding a personal touch with unique flavors or decorations
  • Parents organize a bake sale to raise funds for school supplies, with teachers receiving homemade treats as a thank you
  • A teacher enjoys a jar of homemade hot cocoa mix, perfect for cozy winter nights

What Sets Our Product Apart?

Our Snowman Jar DIY gift idea stands out because of its unique and festive design. Unlike traditional gifts, the Snowman Jar adds a personal touch and thoughtfulness that teachers will appreciate. The customizable nature of this gift allows you to tailor it to each teacher's preferences, making it a truly special present. Additionally, the materials needed for this project are easy to find and budget-friendly, making it accessible to everyone.

Various Ways to Use Our Product

Our Snowman Jar DIY gift idea can be used in a variety of ways:

  • As a holiday gift for teachers to show appreciation during the festive season
  • As a personalized present for teacher birthdays or special occasions
  • As a creative project for students to engage in and develop their crafting skills
  • As a group activity for parents or students to bond over while creating gifts together
  • As a way to spread joy and gratitude through handmade gestures

Tips for Maximizing Your Experience with Our Product

Personalization is Key

When creating the Snowman Jar, be sure to add personal touches that reflect the teacher's personality or interests. This could include using their favorite colors, adding a special message, or incorporating elements that hold significance to them.

Get Creative with Materials

Don't be afraid to think outside the box when sourcing materials for the Snowman Jar. Consider using recycled items, unique embellishments, or unconventional decorations to make your gift stand out.

Share the Joy of DIY Gifts

Encourage others to join in on the fun of creating DIY gifts for teachers. Whether it's involving classmates, parents, or friends, spreading the joy of handmade presents can make the experience even more meaningful.

Gifts of Appreciation: Crafting DIY Gifts for Teachers

DIY gifts for teachers offer a personal touch and thoughtful gesture that can make a lasting impact. The Snowman Jar gift idea is just one creative and festive option to show appreciation during the holiday season. By taking the time to create something unique and heartfelt, you can truly express gratitude for all that teachers do. Get creative, start crafting, and make a meaningful connection through handmade gifts.

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