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Black Linen Paper & Cardstock

Black Linen Paper & Cardstock

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We can probably bet that all of you have seen white paper before (unless you're a teenager of the millennial generation- you guys see white screens). But we're pretty sure not a lot of you have come across black paper. Not only can we say that our black paper is chic, but we can also easily say this paper is super durable - especially because of the linen finish! 

This paper is great for when you want to write in lighter colors, anywhere from white to pale pink to our personal favorite, silver! For those fancy wedding invitations to those professional banquets, this black paper will serve all kinds of purposes! So mix up your paper style and choose black! 

Our Linen Black Paper and Cardstock is 8 1/2 x 11. The Black Paper is 32 lb; the Black Cardstock is 80 lb.

All of our Black Paper and Black Cardstock is 30% recycled with post consumer waste.

Matching envelopes are available in every size and can under the tab 'Other JAM'n Products You Might Like'. 

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