White Recycled 110lb 13 x 19 Cardstock

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High-Quality 13 x 19 Cardstock for Your Creative Projects

When it comes to creating stunning and professional-looking prints, having the right cardstock is essential. At JAM Paper, we offer a premium 13 x 19 cardstock in a beautiful white color that is 100% recycled and weighs 110lb. This heavy-duty cardstock is perfect for a wide range of creative projects, including invitations, greeting cards, business cards, and more. Not only does it provide a smooth and sturdy surface for printing, but it also offers a sustainable and eco-friendly option for your printing needs. Whether you're a professional designer or a DIY enthusiast, this high-quality cardstock is sure to elevate your projects and leave a lasting impression.

The Benefits of Using 13 x 19 Cardstock

Using 13 x 19 cardstock offers a multitude of benefits for your printing needs. Its larger size allows for more flexibility in your designs, making it perfect for creating posters, flyers, and other promotional materials. The 100% recycled material not only reduces waste but also gives your projects an environmentally-friendly edge. Additionally, the 110lb weight provides durability and a professional feel, ensuring that your prints stand out and make a statement. With this cardstock, you can achieve high-quality results while also making a positive impact on the environment.

Use Cases for 13 x 19 Cardstock

There are countless ways to utilize 13 x 19 cardstock in your creative projects. Whether you're designing wedding invitations, crafting personalized stationery, or creating eye-catching marketing materials, this versatile cardstock is up to the task. Its larger size and sturdy weight make it ideal for projects that require durability and a polished finish. You can also use it for art prints, signage, and other applications where a premium look and feel are essential.

Alternatives to 13 x 19 Cardstock

While 13 x 19 cardstock is a fantastic option for many projects, there are alternative materials that may better suit your specific needs. For lighter-weight projects, you may consider using 80lb or 90lb cardstock. If you're looking for a different color or texture, exploring our range of specialty cardstock options could provide the perfect fit for your project. Additionally, for larger-scale printing needs, you might want to explore our poster paper or banner options for a more expansive canvas.

Tips for Using 13 x 19 Cardstock

When working with 13 x 19 cardstock, it's important to ensure that your printer is compatible with this larger size. Additionally, consider using a paper cutter or trimmer to achieve precise and clean edges for your prints. For double-sided printing, test the ink saturation and drying time to avoid smudging or bleeding. It's also helpful to store your cardstock in a cool, dry place to prevent warping or discoloration. By following these tips, you can make the most of your 13 x 19 cardstock and achieve professional-quality results.

Elevate Your Projects with 13 x 19 Cardstock

With its premium quality, eco-friendly composition, and versatile applications, 13 x 19 cardstock is a valuable addition to any creative arsenal. Whether you're a designer, artist, or small business owner, this cardstock offers the perfect combination of durability and sophistication for your printing needs. Explore our selection of 13 x 19 cardstock and unleash your creativity with confidence.