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Shred Tissue

Shred Tissue

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Surprises always make holidays and birthdays more fun. And with this shred tissue, you'll be able to not only decorate your wonderful gift bag or box but also conceal your awesome present. Make your gift recipient work for it as they dig through the tissue and finally find the gift they've been waiting for. These fillers are great for Easter time, fill your Easter baskets with shred tissue and have your chocolate bunnies feel comfortable and safe.

The best thing about our Shred Tissue is the assortment of colors. We have OVER 20 different colors available! We have dark colors to choose from like Black, Navy Blue and Hunter Green. Great for those goody bags you're making for your next professional banquet. Or choose our bright colors like: Hot Pink, Sea Blue, or Orange for those awesome birthday parties that need a little more sprucing. 

Shred Tissue is available in 2 ounce bags, 20 pound cartons (equivelent to 160 bags), or 40 pound cartons (equivelent to 320 bags).

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