7 Groomsmen Trends Your Bride Can’t Refuse

7 Groomsmen Trends Your Bride Can’t Refuse

So the traditional black tux doesn’t excite you for your big day. Dying to show some personality and want this day to be just as memorable for you and your groomsmen as it will be for your future wifey and her bridesmaids? Good, we think you should too! You don’t have to be secondary to the bride and her girls, make yourselves equally stylish by showing off your undeniable bromance with cool groomsmen trends. Show how close you guys are with matching ties, suspenders, socks, converses, t-shirts, or boutonnieres. You can be as creative as you’d like while maintaining sleek looks. Just remember the number one rule of marriage: Happy wife, happy life! Good luck.

1. Secret Identities Revealed

The same way most girls grow up wanting to be princesses there are a great deal of boys who wish to emulate their favorite superheroes. Assign each superhero per groomsmen and wear a t-shirt under your tuxedos. When the time is right, puff out your chests and get ready for action!

bride opening grooms tux superman shirt and groomsmen opening tuxes superhero shirts
via Wedding Bee
groomsmen in white and black tuxes revealing superhero shirts underneath
via Chic Glitterati

Can’t get enough of superhero love? We can’t either! How about these socks?

tux pants and dress shoes with super hero long socks pulled up
via The Things She Would

2. Matching Socks

Socks come in so many colors and patterns you can definitely express yourselves with them.

row of gray dress pants with black dress shoes and yellow mustache socks
via Sposenonconvenzionali
row of groomsmen in black and white tuxes lifting pants to show matching purple socks
via United With Love

3. Converses

Converses are classic, comfortable, & more than casual here:

groomsmen sitting on bench with black and white matching converses
via Love & Lavender

Maybe even the bride will join!

Bride and Groom kissing on back of red car with matching yellow Converses

via I Do Take Two

4. Cuff Links

Want something more subtle? How about these matching cuff links.

men in black and white tuxes holding out matching sunglasses cufflinks
via Studio Uma
woman in white button down shirt with black mustache cufflinks
via Etsy

5. Ties

Whether you plan to wear bow ties or ties, make them match!

groom in pink bowtie and groomsmen in matching suits with pink ties
via Kelly Rae Stewart
men in matching green and khaki dress outfits with yellow bowties in field
via So Sweeney

6. Suspenders

What goes great with everything? Suspenders!

row of men in matching suits with orange suspenders
via Ruffled
row of men in khaki pants and navy blue suspenders in front of house
via Bend the Light

7. Different Colored Pants

Try switching it up with colorful bottoms.

men in dark pink pants and navy suit and tie
via Saphire Event Group

See? You don’t have to limit yourself to a black tux though they are dapper. But if you choose to there are plenty of ways to bring your groomsmen together that aren’t outlandish.

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