Why You'll Fall In Love With Paper Flowers

white paper flower

Why You'll Fall In Love With Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are modern, great fashion statements, and just plain lovely. I will be honest, I am a girly girl. I like to be showered with flowers on Valentine's Day, my birthday, my anniversary, you name it! But even I can admit that flowers are a bit pricey. Although silk flowers have done the real thing much justice, I think it’s time for a change in scenery.With spring just around the corner paper flowers are the perfect gift accessories and decorations for Mother’s Day, weddings, baby showers, or crafty projects to do with your kids for home decor. Check out these amazing paper flower treatments and I promise you won’t be able to resist making some of your own!

They're cute hair accessories

                paper flower headband

They're innovative gift adornments

paper flower gift

They're perfect for scrap-booking

scrapbok flowers

They make great table arrangements

paper flower table

They make sensational wedding bouquets

wedding bouquets

 They're impressive for wedding decor

marry flower

Still here? I knew you couldn't resist!

What You'll Need: 




Step #1:

Red paper, spiral drawn on

Draw a spiral on a sheet of paper

Step #2: 

Red spiral cut out

Cut out the spiral

Step #3:

Rolling red spiral

Starting on the outside of the spiral, roll up it up until there's no paper left

Step #4: 

Red paper flower



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