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Papercloops - Round Circular Paperclips

Papercloops - Round Circular Paperclips

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These Papercloops will leave you in the loop but also leave you out of the loop. That might sound confusing, but let us explain. You'll be out of the loop since these are super unique. Just look at the shape! Have you ever seen a circular paperclip before? We didn't think so. Our awesome colors are anything but boring and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. And you'll be in the loop since all of your papers will be totally secure, but also let your paper have a stylish accessory to match. And being prepared and stylish always keeps you on trend.

And yes, our Papercloops ARE famous! Shown in Martha Stewart Living Magazine's 2013 Colorful Crafting ideas, these are bound to make you a star. 

Our round, circular paper clips are currently available in Red, Yellow, White, Baby Pink Pink, Purple, Dark Blue, Green, Black, Hot Pink, Teal, Gold, Rose Gold, Orange & Silver! 

And if you really love them (we don't blame you for that one), try our assortment packs! Available in a Circular 9 pack assortment or a Papercloops 7 pack assortment.

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