Gold Paperclips

When you think of things that make an impact, you don't ever think of anything smaller than an inch. Until now. These wooden paper clips will be that small possession that does wonders to your documents. Even the tiniest paper clip can make your document shine, and these gold pins will surely do the trick.

Gold is a great color for when you want to add a little shine and a lot of pizzazz to your paper. And it can compliment any kind of color - from sleek black to pure white. A great alternative to the regular paperclip, these clothing pins can do more than just hang up clothing. Use them to hold up signs, decorate your crafts, keep your items in place and much more!

Gold Paperclips currently come in Regular, Jumbo, and Circular Sizes, while we also carry Wood Clips with Small (7/8 inch) and Medium (1 1/8 inch) sizes. They are sold in packs of 50.

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