Red Paperclips

Since most of us will never make it to the red carpet, why not dress up our paper instead? All of that work you would do to make yourself look pretty is a piece of cake with our red paperclips! Just slide these on your paper and there is no doubt your assignment will get best dressed. It might not get an A, but we all know (or at least the media tells us) looks matter most anyway. For once the Fashion Police will give you a compliment (or maybe even be speechless), when you walk down the hall with your paper! Just watch our for those paparazzi.

Add some fire to your otherwise boring stacks of paper. Our red paper clips can bring that spark to your life at home, school, or the office!

Get these red paper clips as Standard Size Red Paper Clips, Jumbo Red Paper clips, small clothing pin, medium clothing pin, and Round Circular Red Paper Clips.

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