Purple Paperclips

Meg from Hercules would definitely have used these paper clips to tie her luscious hair back or keep her purple toga up! And Hercules may have fallen into second place, because her love for them would have been so strong. But on the other hand, these purple clips could have helped Hercules defeat Hades way easier than how he did (with all the betrayal and dying and stuff). We mean it did take him a whole movie to finally get to be a God. Because of the strength and durability of these purple paper clips, Hercules would have been with Zeus in a heartbeat.

With the assortment of purple clips to choose from, Meg would have nicknamed them wonderclips and left "wonder boy" to fend for himself. Her song that confesses her love for Hercules would have said "at least out loud I won't say I'm in love with JAM." Sorry Zero to Hero just like that, our purple paper clips match her toga. You just have a good body.

Get your Purple Paper Clips in 5 sizes: Purple Regular Size Paper Clips, Purple Jumbo Paper Clips, Purple Round Paper Clips, Purple Butterfly Paper Clips, and Purple Mini Wood Paper Clips.

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