Green Paperclips

Mike Wazowski! Mike Wazowski! Mike Wazowski! Okay, so Boo couldn't help but yell out his name when she saw these matching green paper clips all around the corporation building commonly known as Monsters Inc. The color just reminded her so much of her second favorite monster (and first favorite name).

Of course, he got annoyed with her but once he took notice of JAM's green paper clips, he wanted them all for himself! He's always been running around with notes for Sulley to scare his children and his best ideas lost are always lost, so he definitely needs these clips to bind all of them together! He might fall for the round green paper clips the most since he's the most round Monster in all of the scare factory, but we're not going to leave him with just one choice! And you won't be left with only one choice either!

These green paper clips are great for art crafts but also just to spice up those important documents just like Mike Wazowski will do for the rest of his time at Monsters Inc.! So don't go without them!

Green Paper Clips are available in 4 sizes: Regular Standard Size Green Paper Clips, Jumbo Green Paper Clips, Butterfly Clips, and Round Green Paper Clips.

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