Orange Paperclips

Is your glass half full or half empty? We're going to assume you said half full since orange signifies optimism and you happened to land on this page. We're all about looking on the bright side of things and with these orange paper clips the word 'bright' will always be a part of your life. Stand out with the orange paperclip and make your papers shine!

Whether you're in need of small, medium or jumbo, our assortment of sizes and shapes will leave anyone confident. And since confidence makes for a positive lifestyle, it's no wonder orange is the color of positivity! Optimize your documents by adding an orange paper clip to it. We're totally optimistic that you'll get that promotion you were searching for in that half full glass.

Orange Paper Clips are available in 4 sizes. Choose between our Regular Standard Size Orange Paper Clips, Jumbo Size Paper Clips, Circle Clips, Small Wood Clothing Pins, or our Medium Wood Clothing Pins!

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