Yellow Paperclips

Bring some sunshine into your work! Yellow Paperclips are some of the handiest, brightest, and most fun paperclips on the market. If you are bored of the standard metal paperclip, treat yourself to some sweet yellow clips. Everyone needs a little sunshine, even your papers! Making them stand out will make you stand out, and what brighter way to do it than with Yellow Paperclips?!

Don't forget, paperclips can also be used to pin invitations together, to construct an awesome and lengthy paperclip chain, or for picking locks. (You didn't hear that from us, though).

Yellow Paperclips are available in four sizes:
- Regular Standard Size (100 pack)
- Jumbo Size (75 Pack)
- Circular Size (50 Pack)
- Mini Wood Clothing Pin: Small and Medium (Both in 50 pack)

If you can't choose which one you like the best, and trust us we understand completely, try our Yellow Assortment Pack! With 4 different packs, you'll be able to brighten up any and all things!

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