Pink Paperclips

Whether you're a Pink Lady, Elle Woods, or anyone else who is obsessed with pink, these paperclips will perfect for you AND any kind of document. Keep those pink slip ownership papers for that Grease lightning car of yours together with our cool circular clips. Or go big with our jumbo sized clips for those really important law documents from that one Harvard class you can't seem to pass.

Show if you're proud to be girly, cute, and vibrant, choose our Pink Paper Clips! Whether at school, home, or the office your classmates, family or coworkers will definitely be impressed by your cute paper clip choice. Your office supply style will definitely stand out in any kind of location!

Pink Paperclips Available in 5 different variations:

Regular Size Pink Paperclip, Jumbo Size Pink Paperclip, Circular Size Hot Pink and Baby Pink Paperclip, Small Fuchsia or Pink Wood Clothing Pin, Hot Pink Butterfly, Medium Fuchsia or Pink Wood Clothing Pin

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