Blue Paperclips

You might be asking yourself who would need a blue paperclip? Well The Smurfs of course! Once they knew we had these paper clips, there was no going back. Their awesome skin color needed to be matched by something in that little world of theirs.

Since The Smurfs don't use money to get things, they gave us food instead. But we don't mind - they are our best customers in this regard, and they also make some pretty awesome food!

Sometimes they need our paperclips just to make Lazy less Lazy, Clumsy less Clumsy, and Brainy less of an annoying know it all. These paperclips do the trick. Lazy is asked to unwind the blue circular paperclips and it's basically the only thing he likes to do. Clumsy has to pick up all of the paperclips that people drop in the Smurf village so he doesn't fall, and Brainy is always perplexed about how a paperclip can have such a cool color!

Get your blue paperclips for a Smurf-tastic touch!

Dark Blue Paperclips are available in Regular Standard size, Jumbo size, Butterfly, and Round circular Size paperclips.

Baby Blue Paper Clips are available in Regular Standard size clips and Jumbo size paperclip.

Teal Paperclips are available in Regular, Jumbo, and Circular sizes.

Mini wood paper clips are also available in Blue!

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