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Colored Paper Clips

Colored Paper Clips

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Recommended in Martha Stewart Living's Colorful Craft Room suggestions. These color paper clips were also declared "The Official Clip of Graphic Design USA Magazine." So why wouldn't you want a famous clip?

So whether you want to stay classic with the classic paper clip or want your papers to be clipped down in a unique way with our butterfly clips, is up to you! Just know that JAM paper clips don't just help keep documents together, they make a statement. We believe that being different and living in color is important. Even for something as small as paper clips. 

Available in over 10 different colors, you'll certainly be able to find your favorite color, the one that fits most with your documents, or the one you want to stand out the most. From bright yellow to baby pink, from classic navy to passionate red, we have it all.

Available in regular paper clips, jumbo paper clips, giant paper clips, circular paper clips, and butterfly paper clips.

Don't forget about our assortment paper clip packs! This way you don't have to decide on just ONE color! 

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