What is Mylar Paper - More Than Just Decoration

Mylar PaperHave you ever received a gift basket for your birthday and have been more intrigued by the shiny paper or film it’s wrapped with then the actual gift? You notice that this paper is thick like plastic but stretchy enough to fit snugly around the entire basket. Chances are it’s wrapped with Mylar.

What is Mylar Paper

Mylar paper is paper that is coated with or made from a polyester film BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate). Mylar isn't the polyester film itself but the brand of BoPET manufactured in the United Sates and UK. Mylar is durable and has a high tensile strength; meaning it can be stretched for a long period of time without breaking. Its reflective and transparent nature make it a great accent for decorative projects as well as many other practical uses.

Manufacturing Mylar

Invented in the early 1950’s by the DuPont Company, Mylar® polyester film is the brand of BoPET trademarked by the company. If a product is made with the Mylar material it was manufactured by DuPont Teijin Films. It is available uncoated or coated in a broad variety of thicknesses and widths.

Uses of Mylar

Mylar material is very durable yet flexible, making it perfect for packing materials, electrical insulation, solar technology and countless other practical uses. The US Library of Congress uses Mylar (specifically Mylar® type D) to preserve the nation's important documents. The strong and transparent film is perfect for resisting moisture, oils and acids. Documents enclosed in Mylar film are protected yet legible through its transparent coating. Mylar paper is also used by Polaroid. The top protective layer on the instant Polaroid pictures is made from Mylar.

Mylar Paper for Decoration

For the average consumer Mylar paper is mostly used for decorative purposes. Rarely will you find a mom going to the local store looking for Mylar film to create her own electrical insulation. Mylar paper can be used instead of tissue paper in gift bags or to wrap presents. What is Mylar PaperWhat is Mylar PaperWhat is Mylar Paper Have more questions about paper? Check out our What is Kraft Paper and What Makes it so Popular article.


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