Printable Valentine's Day Cards

Printable Valentine's Day Cards

A week from today is Valentine’s Day!! Are you ready?! Are you excited?! Well if you’re like me then the answer is no. I’m always the one to wait till last minute – but hey, I work well under pressure. If you need a card but don’t have the time to stop by the store or you simply just don’t want to spend five to ten bucks on a piece of folded paper that really doesn’t say what you want to say. JAM Paper to the rescue!! We made FREE Valentine’s Day cards for anyone that you may need a card for. Best friends, family, or your significant other – we got ‘em all! Check out what we have and what motivated us!

Cher and Dionne

Inspired by my favorite movie and show Clueless, this 90’s duo was the kind of best friends I always wanted! Cher and Dionne were the best friends that did everything together including talking about boys and dating, talking on those giant cell phones in class, and of course SHOPPING!

"You are the Dionne to my Cher. Let's be best Valentines"

Paper: Crystal Stardream Metallic

Envelope: Baby Pink or Baby Blue or Quartz Stardream Metallic

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Ethel and Lucy

I Love Lucy transcends all generations. I can watch this show with my grandmother, my mom, and even my little cousin. This show was ground breaking on so many levels and really revolutionized American entertainment with it’s on screen pregnancy, interracial marriage, and most importantly women friendships. Despite their similar backgrounds (age, married, economic), Lucy and Ethel went on their crazy adventures and getting into silly shenanigans together – never being competitive. They were the Broad City of the 50s!

"You are the Ethel to my Lucy. Let's be best Valentines"

JAM Paper: Crystal Stardream Metallic

JAM Envelope: Baby Pink or Violet Brite Hue or Quartz Stardream Metallic

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Valentine’s Day is Overrated!

Sooo…this is how I really feel about Valentine’s Day. Love everyone everyday! Treat them special all the time! Don’t wait for one day to pop up early in the year and then never send flowers or Edible Arrangements until the next year. However, I do love my boyfriend, so even though Valentine’s Day comes once a year and really is overrated you can still express why you love your significant other.

"Valentine's Day is Overrated but.. I love you because......You love me!"

JAM Paper: Crystal Stardream Metallic 

JAM Envelope: Brite Hue Red or Black Linen

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Love is All You Need

Inspired by the Beatles song, this card is perfect for anyone! From your family to friends to your coworkers, this card is a perfect. Just a cute reminder that love is all you need. We made it with white letters and black background and black letters with white background – it’s like a choose your own adventure! Don’t forget, there’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be!

"Love is all you need" - black background "Love is all you need" - white background

JAM Paper: Crystal Stardream Metallic and Silver Stardream Metallic

JAM Envelope: Brite Hue Red or Black Linen or Quartz Stardream Metallic 

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Spotted! A sophisticated JAM customer looking for stylish Valentine’s Day cards. I don’t know about you but every time I see or hear “XOXO” I automatically say “Gossip Girl”. I loved that show but that will stick with me for liiffeee! This card can be used for anybody but probably best for people that you know have seen Gossip Girl – they’ll get it.  “It’s human nature to be free. And no matter how long you try to be good, you can’t keep a bad girl down.” XOXO, Gossip Girl

"XOXO (not Gossip Girl but) Happy Valentine's Day"

JAM Paper: Crystal Stardream Metallic

JAM Envelope: Brite Hue Red or Black Linen

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Fart Love

This card is inspired by the sill, goofy, immature side! Sad but true. If you’re on that level with your significant other and you both had a sense of humor this card is for you! It’s kinda gross but still hilarious and will definitely bring a smile (and maybe even a chuckle) to your love’s face. At least the little farts are adorbs!

"I knew it was love when I farted and you didn't run - Happy Valentine's Day"

JAM Paper: Silver Stardream Metallic

JAM Envelope: Brite Hue Red or Black Linen

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Pick a card any card! YOU GET A CARD! YOU GET A CARD! YOU GET A CARD! Whatever Valentine’s Day card you choose you can’t go wrong. Why? BECAUSE ITS FREE! Choose you’re perfect JAM paper and envelope, print out the Valentine’s Day card, and place it in the envelope. We hope you love it and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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