How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers

How To Make Tissue Paper Flowersgirl holding pink tissue flower - "you like flowers"girl holding orange tissue flower - "correction: you love flowers"girl holding yellow tissue flower, "problem: you're kind of allergic/you don't have time to take care of them/you can't ever find the color you really wantgirl holding blue tissue flower, "solution: tissue paper flowers...just like these."

So you want to learn how to make tissue paper flowers. Now you might be a little skeptical.

Not only do you think that you'll end up on the 'Pinterest Fails' page, but you might not believe that this can be made with just JAM tissue paper, tape, scissors, and a pencil. Trust me, it can and it's actually pretty easy. And don't worry, I'll help you along the WILL learn how to make tissue paper flowers.

materials for tissue flowers - tissue paper, pencil, scissors, tape


As I said, patience is a literal virtue for this kind of project. And I'll be honest with you, each of these flowers took me about an hour. Don't worry- JAM will teach you how to make tissue paper flowers of your own. The outcome of mine were fantastic, inspiring, and way better than I expected. And way better than you'll expect too. Just please ... don't rip a flower apart when it's almost done just because you're frustrated (like I did. Big mistake. Huge. - Pretty Woman anyone?)

Step 1. Draw then Cut 

First you'll want to cut the tissue paper the way you want your flower to come out. I tried two different kinds of flowers, but if you're in the mood to be creative, try another! tissue paper cut

Small, medium and large petal shapes (pointed on both sides) OR small petal shapes with big heart shapes

These shapes do not have to be in specific dimensions. Honestly I just went with it. The amount of sheets you want to cut also depends on how big you want the flower. If you lay out the tissue paper, like shown below, you can see how big my shapes were in comparison to the whole sheet. (For the triangular flowers, you want to make the biggest petal almost the width and height from one crease to the next.) heart and flower petal shape traced on yellow tissue

2. Start Taping!

For both flowers, you want to start off by taping your small petals to the pencil. Round and round you go, where you stop, nobody knows. No but really, you won't know until you feel like there are enough petals. Kind of like this evolution: tissue wrapped around pencil Start with 1 petal and attach another. Keep taping and revolving the petals around the pencil so you can start seeing your flower "bloom". And yes, when I wrote this sentence, my coworker looked at me weird because I was smiling to myself. Things to remember:
  • You don't want to overlap petals right away (you'll soon find that it will certainly become a Pinterest Fail)
  • You don't want to keep the petals at the same level the whole time.
  • Instead, you want to heighten the next layer once there is a whole layer covering the pencil.

3. KEEP Taping!

taping flower petals on pencil After you're satisfied with your petals, you start with the hearts (or the medium petals, depending on the flower). Make them close to the petals in the beginning, and again remember to not overlap the hearts (or medium petals) immediately. This step is easy on the hands, but hard on the mind. You really just have to keep going, making taller and taller layers, taping them to one another. This is where patience comes in. Tape is hard to work with, and tissue paper is delicate. Things to remember:
  • Make sure that you don't tape too early. This might make you have to rip the petal, which is hard to do without ripping another.
  • Make sure the heart isn't bent in any way. You want it to be flat.
  • Make sure you don't rip a piece that's already taped on, it might ruin the whole dynamic of the flower.

Step 4: Defy Gravity

holding tissue flower upside down

tissue flower, petals falling

Do NOT worry!

This happens.

My solution: tape the pencil to the edge of a table. One by one, tape the inner most heart to the closest petal that is defying gravity. Trust me, it will end up looking like an amazing rose (like you see below).

tape flower petals up

Same goes with the only-petals flower (the blue and orange color flowers)! Just tape it to the table, tape the deepest petal to the first one that isn't subjected to gravity, and then keep taping!

Things to remember:

    • When it's taped to the table, make sure instead of laying it flat like you did before, pull it as much as you can (it's tissue paper, so delicately) and tape it to the previous petal.
  • Stand up when doing this. It'll make it easier for you to see the flower that's pretty close to blooming.

5. Make the Stem!

Easily make the stem by wrapping our green tissue paper to the pencil. Wrap a whole sheet around to make it look even with the big flower. You can also add some leaves onto the stem if you want, or leave it alone. That's up to you!

Now you might be thinking, there's no way those top pictures weren't photoshopped to make these flowers look THAT bright and THAT colorful. I thought that myself too (and I'm the one who did the black and white transformation). So here are a few pictures my friend and I took with and without the black and white transformation. How to make tissue paper flowers. The JAM way.

girl holding tissue paper flowers

girl smelling tissue paper flowers

Yes, our Tissue Paper is really that bright.

I wanted to thank my friend Danielle so so much for helping me with this blog. I will be posting more pictures that we took throughout our social media.

I really hoped you liked this blog. I worked hard on this one, and really hope to see your own JAM tissue paper flowers on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest! Talk more in the comments below about what you learned and how to make tissue paper flowers!


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