Green Company Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity

Green Company Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity

Jam Paper cares about companies that are going green and thinks you should too. Whether you print paper on both sides, communicate with employees via instant messenger or email, turn off power strips, or keep lights off in unoccupied offices, you are making a difference. Transforming your company into an eco friendly one will help you save money, receive positive feedback from customers, is a healthier atmosphere to work in, and most importantly it makes you proud of what your company stands for. Therefore, Jam Paper will dedicate a short series titled “Green Company Spotlight” that will give you an overview on how each eco friendly company has made a proactive choice to be environmentally conscious and how it has impacted their community.

tired blue cartoon car with tongue hanging out and droopy tiresSmokey, Hot Wheels, Ruby, Christine, Midnight, Big Blue… the list goes on! We all have an undeniable attachment to our very, first cars. Our first road trips or summer rides to the beach would never be possible without our beloved hunks of steel. But we must admit after years of driving to the moon and back, Old Rusty needs a break. And he probably has been idly sitting in the driveway for years. But still we choose to shovel out the snow that surrounds him with absolutely no intention to take him for a drive. It’s time to part ways and as Old Rusty has served an infinite amount of purpose to your life, why not let him fulfill just as much purpose or more to thousands of other people’s lives?

Habitat for Humanity to the Rescue!

green company Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a Christian, non-profit organization that specializes in building and repairing homes for low-income families. It strives to decrease the high numbers of homelessness by providing housing for displaced families. Habitat for Humanity celebrates building and repairing a total of 800,000 houses worldwide and 4 million people who currently live in a Habitat Home. The organization prides itself in building its homes with the consideration of energy efficiency. In fact, in 2010 Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan won a national Global Energy Award for its resource-saving bio-sand water project. So what can I do with my junk car?

row of colorful houses with black vignette within shape of car

Donating your car to Habitat for Humanity Cars for Homes program is life changing! The organization accepts cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and motorcycles. At your earliest convenience, you can easily arrange for a pick-up and Habitat will transport your car for you.  The funds from all cars sold are distributed to local affiliates who use the money to build and repair affordable homes. After your vehicle has been sold, you will obtain a letter thanking you for your generous contribution and information regarding the sale. “It’s easy; it’s good for the environment and in most cases, provides the donor a tax deduction”, declared Jacey Raimondo, Executive Director of Habitat Bergen. The vehicle will be transported to an auto yard that recycles its contents. They will collect salvageable parts such as the batteries, tires, and any fluids that are present in the vehicle. The car will then be crushed and reprocessed into steel. How can my car make a difference?

rows of tiny colorful houses and square yards with black streets

Did you know that donating your car to environment annually saves enough energy to power about eighteen million households? Wow that’s quite a big deal! Donating your car also allows Habitat for Humanity to properly place reusable items. “Many times, used cards end up in a landfill or sitting idle, but donating a vehicle for recycling or reselling is a hassle-free and easy way for anyone to help support their local Habitat affiliate and help provide affordable housing within their own community,” stated Marcia Rundle, director of Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes program. Your donation has the potential to eventually allow Habitat for Humanity to build an estimated 45,000 steel-framed houses each year.  Not only does donating your car give thousands of families a home to call their own, but it gives Mother Earth a fighting chance to preserve her resources all thanks to you! Jam Paper encourages you to join the cause and to donate unwanted vehicles. If you have any additional questions about how you can donate your vehicle, call Habitat for Humanity International at 1-877-277- HFHI (4344) or visit Green Company Spotlight Series:

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We are constantly trying to find companies that are finding innovative ways to go green and benefit the community. Keep an eye out for our Green Company Spotlight short series that will feature other companies and organizations, and what makes them eco friendly. Feel free to comment and share new recycling ideas!


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