DIY Cardstock Wedding Fan Backdrop: A Simple Paper Craft Tutorial

Easy DIY Wedding Fan Backdrop

Ready to add a charming twist to your wedding decor? This DIY Wedding Fan Backdrop is just the ticket for a touch of elegance and simplicity. Perfect for adorning the space behind the wedding table, it's a delightful nod to modern crafting trends. Collaborating with, this project shows how a dash of creativity and quality cardstock can transform your special day.

Today's DIY enthusiasts, forever scrolling through Pinterest for wedding ideas, will adore these paper fan backdrops. Their allure lies in their graceful yet straightforward design. Eager to include this in your wedding decor checklist? Our straightforward guide makes it a breeze. All you need are paper and tape – easy on the budget and simple to create. Your wedding decor is just a few folds away!


Cardstock Paper
(Try Gold, Bright White Linen, or Misty Rose Metallic paper or cardstock for an elegant look or go for Nautical Navy Blue Linen, Silver Metallic, or Garnet Dark Red for a bolder backdrop visual. The choose is yours!)

Tape or Glue


Start with a sheet of paper or cardstock, folding it accordion-style. Alternate between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch folds. For medium fans, repeat with a second sheet. For larger fans, use three sheets. Once folded, pinch the center and bring the sides together to fold in half.

Create Half Fans

After folding the paper in half, tape or glue the inner ends to form a half-sized fan. Ensure all taped parts are on the same side for a neater look.

Attach & Decorate

Tape your half-sized fans together, remembering to keep the tape on one side only.

Beautify your fans by adding alternating colored cardstock circles to the center. This hides any flaws and adds a floral charm. For a hanging option, punch holes and thread twine or string through.

Reimagined from the original tutorial by Wedding Window, this DIY project is sure to add a personalized and stylish flair to your wedding setting!

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