Creating a Press Kit - One Step at a Time

What is a Press Kit and Why Do I Need One?

I recently opened a fortune cookie and it's fortune read “Achieving Success Means Taking the First Step.” The fortune inside the cookie left me feeling irked. Its message felt cliché and deviated from traditional fortunes predicting the future or many blessings. Instead the fortune offered unasked-for guidance, a far cry from the classic promises of wealth or longevity. But despite my own annoyances, the message carried an undeniable truth, future success starts now. 

The mentality "I'll start that tomorrow" often acts as a soothing balm offering the comfort of future success without the immediate need for action. We find ourselves caught in a pleasant daydream, imagining a future where our efforts are richly rewarded, yet in the present, we remain inactive, basking in the ease of inaction. 

 Taking the first step might seem straightforward, yet the challenge lies in breaking down the journey into manageable steps. It's one thing to recognize that you possess a remarkable product, talent or service, backed by a robust business plan and a burning passion. However, translating this into tangible action, such as creating a press kit to showcase your excellence, can be a daunting hurdle. Let JAM Paper help you out in launching your very own press kit.

What is a Press Kit?

A press kit is a set of promotional items put together by a person, company, or organization. It's used to help promote on social media and in person media marketing. These kits are useful for many events like launching a new product, starting a new company, mergers, news conferences, big events, and trade shows. They help get the word out about these happenings in a clear and organized way.

What Does a Press Kit Include?

A well-prepared press kit typically includes a standard-sized letter folder with a slot for a business card, a personally signed letter of interest, and any press release materials. It should also contain a CV or resumé, business cards, and any social media QR codes or tags. A color printout providing an overview of your product is essential. For artists, including an artist card or social media tag is a great way for your work to be seen. Lastly, consider adding a small freebie – something custom with your logo like pens or notecubes can make a memorable impression. 

In addition to standard items, your press kit can include elements unique to your product or company, such as recent awards, photos, or evidence of community service involvement. For more ideas and guidance on what to include, especially regarding the content of your letter of interest, you can refer to the article "The Ingredients of a Press Kit" on

Personalize your kit in a way that resonates with your brand's core values and aesthetic. Convey your vision and brand's personality into the press kit. Consider color coordinating elements of your kit with your company's signature colors. A subtle yet effective strategy that can enhance the visual appeal and brand recognition. Every aspect of the kit, from the paper quality to the typography, should be a reflection of your brand's standards and style.

Remember, a press kit is not just a collection of promotional materials. It's a representation of your brand's identity and a glimpse into what sets you apart. By personalizing it to align with your brand, you create not just a tool for communication, but a memorable experience for its recipients.


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