DIY: Abraham Lincoln President's Day Craft

DIY: Abraham Lincoln President's Day Craft

Happy President's Day! If you're looking for a craft to inspire interest in American History, then you've come to the right place! For those of you who don't know, President's Day falls on the third Monday of February every year in Honor of George Washington's Birthday! But, even though George Washington was our very first president, this holiday pays tribute to all who have served and will serve after him. To represent President's Day 2022, this article will show you how to build your very own Abraham Lincoln! Just follow along to our DIY: Abraham Lincoln Presidents Day Craft!

Supplies Needed:

Step 1: Cut Out a Circle

This ivory circle is going to be Abe's face! Make the circle the size of your palm.

Step 2: Cut Out Shirt and Accessories

Using black paper, cut out a tall rectangular top hat, a bowtie, and a half circle for the body.

Step 3: Put Everything Together!

Before gluing the head on top of the body, draw on some eyebrows, a nose, and a smile! Stick on your googly eyes to make your Abe come to life. Cut out a white triangle and glue it upside-down on top of the black half circle, to create the suit. Then tape the bowtie in place. Finally secure Abraham's head on his body and give him his hat! For a finishing touch, glue some of our shred tissue paper on his chin for a nice fuzzy beard!

Step 4: Share with Family and Friends!

For any finishing touches, tape him on top of a photo of the American Flag! We made ours out of our paper clips and cloops!

We hope that this step-by-step tutorial helped you compose something patriotic and creative for President's Day! It’s JAM’s goal as a company to provide you with quality products and amazing ways to use them. Make sure to follow our blog, Instagram and Pinterest to get the scoop on our latest new crafts and items! Also our Facebook and Twitter for promotions and sale updates! Don’t forget to leave comments down below. We’d love to hear how this DIY: Abraham Lincoln Presidents Day Craft worked for you!


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