5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing

5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing

Let JAM products do all the work!

Looking to improve your marketing tactics? Check out some of our most attention-grabbing products!

pink and teal business cards, colorful envelopes, monochrome office supplies, stationery, and gift bags

1. Business Cards

Create a memorable impression with our neon printable business cards. Wouldn't you remember someone who handed you a neon pink card?

2. Colored Envelopes

Steal the spotlight by sending your products in a metallic bubble mailer or by mailing invoices in envelopes sporting your company colors.

3. Matching Office Supplies

Everything goes together when it’s all one color! Red paper clips, pushpins, binder clips, and folders! Yes, please!

4. Stationery

Even though email is the more common form of correspondence nowadays, a handwritten letter will never truly go out of style.

5. Promotional Items

How you present or give a product is just as important as the product itself. JAM’s wide selection of small merchandise bags, bold gift bags, colored gift tags, and more make the perfect packaging and marketing tools!

Edited by Dana Kim on 3/27/2020.


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