Tissue Paper - By Color

Have a theme for your next party that needs the perfect color decorations to match? Our colored Tissue Paper will bring your party to the next level! Along with the colors of the rainbow come our metallic shades and our neutrals, so every color of the spectrum is covered. From lime green tissue paper to white, we have it all. Stuff your gift with our tissue paper or decorate your party essentials, either way a pop of color is as easy as choosing your favorite.

Our tissue paper choices don't just come in different colors. Choose from our different sized packs and reams for whatever circumstance. From our small packs for a simple gift bag stuffing to our 480 ream tissue paper that will last throughout the year. Even combine our colors to make the perfect themes! From Black and Orange Tissue Paper for Halloween to Red tissue paper bulk for every holiday season to Black and White for that black tie event. You'll never have to worry about not finding the perfect color either, we have many shades to choose from!

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