Gold Tissue Paper

If you expect gold, you should get gold. Our range of metallic gold tissue gives you just that.

Unlike some gold tissue paper that may appear dull and lackluster, the selection we offer provides you with options that are shiny and luminous. Choose from several style tissue paper reams and packs such as: antique brass tissue paper, purple and gold tissue paper with stripes, shimmer, light gold, and more! Any kind of gold you are looking for will surely be in our selection.

These are the perfect gift wrapping supplies. Good for holidays, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, you can use metallic gold paper for year round wrapping. Make any elegant present more elegant. Make creative party decoration more creative with a gold paper sheet. Make any shiny object shinier. With plenty of opportunities for use, you can store extra for when an occasion comes up. Or simply buy a 3 pack for small projects.

Gold tissue paper is available in 3 packs or reams of 100 sheets.

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