Blue Tissue Paper

Need to wrap a gift, decorate a party, give a bouquet of flowers? Do it with a color that captures the essence of a beautiful ocean or a clear sky. In an assortment of blue shades, you can find the perfect Blue Tissue Paper to accessorize with.

Blue Tissue Paper is a great option because it adds a splash of color without coming off too strong. So you get beautiful decorations and adornments that have a happy and mellow vibe. Versatile in use, you can create party streamers, embellish a scrapbook, or work on custom craft projects. Choose anything from a regal navy to a vibrant aqua. And everything in between. Buy several shades for a pretty blue palette.

Blue Tissue Paper is available in Blue, Bright Blue, Baby Blue, Ocean, Aqua, and Navy Blue Tissue Paper.

Note: Not every color is available in each size. Buy by the pack or by the ream.

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