Purple Tissue Paper

In order to create memorable parties and gifts, the embellishments have to be just right. So if you've been planning the perfect wedding or packaging a special present, Purple Tissue Paper may be just what you're looking for. Because the dreamy and beautiful shades have a charming effect on anything they're added to. Evocative of springtime flowers and peaceful thoughts.

You can pair the purple with hints of gold for striking elegance, or accent it with softer neutral hues for a light and airy feel. Let your creativity show.

Purple Tissue Paper is easy to manage, making it suitable for a variety of crafting projects. Cut it and shape to create custom decorations that you'll love.

So use Purple Tissue paper as the foundation of your party. For an event to remember.

Purple Tissue Paper is available in:

Purple, Lilac, Grape Shimmer, Lilac Shimmer, Burgundy, and Gold and; Purple Stripe. Choose packs of 3, packs of 10, packs of 20. Or buy purple tissue paper bulk sizes like our ream of 100 and ream of 480.

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