Grey/Silver Tissue Paper

Sheets of silver and groups of grey, this Silver and Grey Tissue Paper is sure to keep your gifts, crafts, decorations, and more shiny and sophisticated. Match our grey with a navy blue birthday gift bag and make your gift the classiest of the party. Match our silver with a gold gift box for the most elegant Christmas present there ever was!

You can also use this tissue paper for decorating your tables or creating your crafts! From wintery scenes for the holiday season to a crafty elephant, this tissue paper can do it all! So who wouldn't want a pack of silver or grey?

With an assortment of packs and shades to choose from, you are sure to find the one for you:

3 sheets per pack: Pewter Graphite Shimmer, Silver, Silver Gold Stripe, Silver Mylar
10 sheets per pack: Grey
100 sheets per ream: Pewter Graphite Shimmer, Silver, Silver Mylar
480 sheets per ream: Grey

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