Pink Tissue Paper

Get color-creative.

If you're hosting a party or giving a gift, you want the setting and wrapping to compliment the sparkle that you feel. That's why Pink Tissue Paper adds the perfect touch. In an assortment of irresistible hues, the prettiness of this tissue paper is undeniable. You can choose a light pink for something soft and sweet, a hot pink for loud and fun, or one that simply shimmers with glitter.

This tissue paper is easy work with. You can use as much or as little as you need. Try creating handmade Valentines, bridal and baby shower decorations, or fun pom-poms. Cut it, fold it, glue it, tape it. Mix different shades together or just choose your favorite. The crafting and decorating possibilities are endless. So give your occasion the joy it deserves.

Pink Tissue Paper is available in an assortment of sizes and assortment of pink shades. From 3 sheets to 480 sheets, from pink to fuchsia, and so much more!

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