Yellow Tissue Paper

The sun is shining and so is this Yellow Tissue Paper! Brighter than the sun, but will not make you sweat, this beautiful and cheerful yellow will surely brighten up any gift bag and any gift box. Whether you want to spruce up a birthday gift for your little boy or girl, or decorate your summer party, this tissue paper is sure to bring a sunny atmosphere into everything it surrounds.

Our tissue paper is available in either packs or yellow tissue paper bulk reams, so whether you want to buy for one certain event or want to keep your tissue stored for any time you need it, we have both sizes for both situations! So go yellow when you're in need of some cheering up or want to get an even bigger smile, this color is certainly for you!

Solid yellow is available in packs of 10, pack of 20, or reams of 480.

Yellow shimmer is available in packs of 3 or reams of 100.

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