Punny Valentine's Day Cards

Punny Valentine's Day Cards

So, it's almost Valentine's Day, which means chocolate and flowers for some, and the reminder of loneliness for others (I'm with the latter unfortunately). But no fear! I decided to make everyone smile on this day, or roll their eyes immensely, with some Punny Valentine's Day Cards - of course with JAM in mind!

1. Lookin' Sharp

Valentine's Day card with the caption "Lookin' Sharp," with the design of assorted color scissors on a checkered background with each pair of scissors on its own color

Send this to your super "friendzoned" pal to give them false hope or send it to someone if you're not the best with flirting. Whatever the situation is, you'll definitely get a smile from this card! And, come on, who isn't drooling over those colors right now?! Am I right?

2. You Had Me At...

Yellow Valentine's Day card featuring yellow office supplies and the caption "You had me at Yellow"

Whether you know the amazing movie "Jerry Maguire" or not, you're bound to know the famous quote, "you had me at hello". Even though I think Tom Cruise really had her with the opening of the door, you get the point. Give the card to that one friend that needs a pick me up on this single awareness day. These yellow products are sure to make his/her day shine a little brighter (until the next bouquet of roses for their desk-mate shows up).

3. Colorful Love

Valentine's card reading "You color my world" with the image of color palette cards arranged in a rainbow spiral

The first thing I thought of was "Colors of the Wind", which is totally not related to love in any way - also probably the worst Disney movie in regards to a healthy relationship (but again, I'm a little scattered today). Our envelopes are the prime example of color, so I couldn't leave them out of the list of puns! These envelopes certainly color MY world (I'll take what I can get this Valentine's Day).

4. The Perfect Match

 a light blue background with blue, pink, and purple hearts with a pink stapler and the caption "We're the perfect match."

What's a stapler without its staples? Who are you without your man / woman? These are the questions I ask myself every day. Not only are they matching based on their purpose, but also their color! (I chose pink to be cute, but we have over 5 matching color combinations). Perfect is the, well, perfect word for this match! (Other office supplies that match: paper + paperclip; notecard + envelope; wrapping paper +box).

5. Write On

Assorted color pens on a gray background captioned "You're the write one for me"

Last card is for our writer friends, we all love you. Have a partner writing a novel? Have a crush in your Advanced Fiction Writing class senior year of college? (Shoutout to Mike). This is the perfect card, that also makes all of those comedy writers fall on the floor laughing at how cheesy and unimaginative it is. Our le pens are a great addition to the card too!

So what's the conclusion? Well, have fun on Valentine's Day whether you're taken, looking, or single and ready to stay home and snuggle up with your pup! Save and print these out and make someone laugh, or give out a small chuckle at least, maybe.

Have a pun of your own? Let us know in the comments!


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