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Envelopes - By Color

  • Envelopes - By Color
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    • Here at JAM, our philosophy is all about living life colorfully. Mailing envelopes are not just an empty vessel to hold your letter or card, but a part of your letter as well! Pure white envelopes are great, but envelope color is super important in making your mail pop, especially if you want to use these as invitation envelopes rather than business envelopes or window envelopes. Our colored envelopes not only compliment that viewpoint but live by it. Our full color paper envelope ranges from the colors of the rainbow to neutrals, from silver metallic to clear. We guarantee to add a pop of color, class, and charisma into every invitation, card, or letter you send out. And with our different shades of each color, from pastel, to bright envelopes, to translucent envelopes, we are sure that finding many full color envelopes will be a breeze! Plain envelopes? Psh! Go with memorable specialty envelopes they won't want to throw away after opening!

      Our website is set up to make it easy for you to pick your perfect match. When you want to evoke passion and strength, try our red metallic envelopes. Searching for a message of happiness and friendliness for a greeting card? Go for our orange envelopes. When you want to convey relaxation and calmness, our blue envelopes will be your perfect fit. Want to catch the person's eye as soon as they see it to distinguish your birthday card from the ones everyone else gave them? Go for printed envelopes with different patterned paper of all colors. You can even get these custom print pieces inside the envelope with our custom envelope liners. It doesn't stop there! As you click through our full color envelopes, you'll find we categorize by style AND size. You can go with a large envelope if sending documents, or something like square envelopes if sending something like wedding invitations or small pocket invitations or a folded card. Our A7 envelopes are our most popular, perfect for your typical invitations on 5x7 cards. So when you know what size you're looking for but not what style, click Purple Envelopes by size. When you know what style you want but not what size, click Pink Envelopes by Style. If you want to be environmentally friendly, we even have an assortment of recycled envelopes. Try white envelopes or ivory envelopes for weddings, red envelopes or green envelopes for a holiday card when it's the season, and orange or black envelopes for Halloween. Of course you can never go wrong with a shiny, natural white for wedding envelopes. Whichever occasion, whatever time of year, our envelopes are sure to bring color into everything they touch.

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