Labor Day Craft: I Heart American Workers

Labor Day Craft: I Heart American Workers

This Labor Day teach your kids how important American workers are and how much they contribute to our country. Without teachers we wouldn't learn, without farmers who wouldn't have yummy foods from around the world, without construction workers there wouldn't be any buildings, without firefighters it would be dangerous to put out fires, and without musicians we'd have nothing to dance to! The CES survey has found that there are 139,004,000 jobs in America. We've got a nation full of people from all walks of life that have made living more convenient and enjoyable. I loved Blessings Over Flowing's 4th of July craft and thought I'd give it a tune up as a labor day paper craft.

 What You'll Need

Red, white, & blue cardstock paper




Step #1 

Draw a heart on a white sheet of paper and cut it out

white labor day paper craft heart cutout with pair of scissors on desk

Step #2

Use blue paper to fit in the upper left curve of your heart then glue it on top

white paper heart on desk with blue paper in corner and glue bottle

Step #3 

Cut 4-5 paper strips with red paper and glue it on the resemble the American Flag

4 red paper stripes strips laid out on desk

Step #4 

Take out white 5 stars

5 white paper stars cutout on wooden desk for labor day paper craft

Step #5 

Use white paper to cut of as little stars then glue it on top of your blue paper

labor day paper craft american flag heart

Step #6

Glue your heart onto a purple sheet of paper and reflect on why certain workers are helpful.

"Doctors are good workers because they cure sick people"

labor day paper craft american flag heart glued to blue poster


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