First Day of School Craft for 1st Graders

First Day of School Craft for 1st Graders

The first day of school is exciting and scary for little ones. Some kids are nervous to leave the nest while others can’t wait to break out and fly! It’s important to encourage your kids to start school with a positive outlook and help them to transition from the summer into the school year.

As parents and teachers, it is your job to help make the first day of school a happy experience. Whether at the dining table or in the classroom, use this craft as a way to reflect on what activities your kids partook in. Ask them questions about their big day to get their creative juices flowing. Here is a first day of school craft they'll love.

What You’ll Need for this First Day of School Craft

Brown, yellow, pink, black, & white cardstock paper





wooden pencil diagram for first day of school craft

Step #1

Use brown paper to cut an elongated pentagon. This will be the wood.brown paper cut into elongated pentagon shape on desk

Step #2

Cut zig zags at the bottom of yellow paper make a sharpened pencil appearance for the body

yellow paper with zigzags cut on button for pencil school craft

Step #3

Cut a small black triangle for your lead and a black rectangle for your ferrule

small black paper triangle and long black rectangular paper

Step #4

Make an eraser out of pink paper

first day of school craft: pink paper half-circle

Step #5

Glue the body unto the wood. See how your pencil is forming?

yellow paper pencil body glued onto brown paper wood

Step #6

Now glue your eraser onto the body

eraser glued to body and head of paper pencil craft

Step #7

Add your lead and ferrule

first day of school craft with ferrule glued to pencil

Step #8

Use a ruler to draw lines on a  white sheet of paper to write on. Then glue it in the body of your pencil.

silver metallic ruler on sheet of white lined paper

Step #9 

Here are some questions to help your kid write about the big day:

What is your teacher’s name?

What was your favorite part of the day?

Did you play any fun games?

Did you learn anything cool today?

What did you eat for snack time/lunch?

Do you remember any of your classmates’ names?

Did you make any new friends?

Are you excited to go back tomorrow?

The rest is all up to your 1st grader. Write about your day kiddo!

first day of school craft paper pencil with handwritten message


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