7 Ways to Fix a Wardrobe Malfunction with Office Supplies

7 Ways to Fix a Wardrobe Malfunction with Office Supplies

I actually woke up to my alarm clock today (the first one), took a shower, got dressed, threw on the perfect outfit, and even had time to delight in a cream cheese bagel for breakfast. Nothing could go wrong on this divine morning. Not until I took a few steps into the office and my sandals just fell apart! I dragged my feet to my desk like a disappointed child dragging his feet in the sand after being forced to leave the beach too early.

I’ve heard the horror stories but now I was a victim of a wardrobe malfunction. So I used the stapler to fasten my straps and was all set! This had me thinking, I couldn't possibly be the only one who resorted to stationary before they were able to get their clothes repaired. What happens when your clothes give out right before a meeting or presentation? There has to be a quick solution to save the day. So here are tips you should keep in mind if you ever have a wardrobe malfunction.

Run in Your Stocking

 I swear stockings aren't meant to last. They have such a classy look but can’t help themselves from tearing. So what can you do the trillionth time this happens? To keep your stockings from running anymore than they already have, dab clear nail polish on it.

nail polish, wardrobe malfunction

Hem Your Pants/Skirt

Sometimes the hem in your pants become undone and you’re walking around looking like a slob kabob. To maintain professionalism use tape to keep your hem in check. You can use duct tape, double sided tape, or Batman tape no one has to know!

 hem pants, wardrobe malfunction

Stuck Zipper

If your zipper is stuck use a lead pencil to lubricate the teeth.

wardrobe malfunction, zipper

Lost Earring Back

Lose the back of your earring? Stick your earring into a rubber eraser to keep it in place. I find these to be even more secure than earring backs.

push pins, wardrobe malfunction

Scuffed Shoes

If your shoes or heels get scuffed, color them in with a sharpie to hide it. What an inexpensive trick that'll have your heels looking like new!

wardrobe malfunction, broken shoe

Chipped French Manicure

Trying to save the remnants of a french manicure? Don't worry you're not alone! Use whiteout to color in where your white nail polish has chipped.

whiteoutfrench, wardrobe malfunction

Worn Soles

Are the soles of your shoes coming undone? If so, use superglue to keep them in place. They aren't do anything different in your local shoe repair shop. Hey, glue is glue!

super glue, wardrobe malfunction

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction at work? What solutions have you used?


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