How to Stay Positive Throughout the Workday

How to Stay Positive Throughout the Workday

Whether you’ve just had a pretty tough weekend or you wake up in a bad mood and feel like there is no going back, well … just … stop. There is a way to get back, and it’s easier than some (most) may suggest.

Here at the JAM Blog we’re great at crafting, which is actually awesome for the mindset, but we’re also great at positivity. Well, sometimes. Here’s how to stay positive throughout the workday or at least how to get to a state where work isn’t a record player playing the same song over and over and over and over and – you get it.

1. Have "Positivity" Days

Woman relaxing floating in water, with text "Have Positivity Days"

So of course there are days that are going to be bad. It happens and it’s life. But when that day comes and goes, you have to team up with your coworkers and tell each other that you all need a positivity day tomorrow. It's a day where you don’t complain about anything, whether it’s related to work or your personal life, for one whole work day. You keep it in or at least are not allowed to say anything to other people around you. The next day can be full of complaints about yesterday, but for that one day, there should be zero.

Why it Helps:

When other people complain, you are more prone to do the same. The exact thing happens when people do not ... you don’t seem to do it as much either. And having a positivity day actually works. Some of the office did it recently, and it made everything better - even the taste of my turkey and cheese sandwich (which I announced was the best sandwich I ever had).

2. Put Positive Post-Its Everywhere

Blank note, pen, and cup of coffee on a wooden table - caption "Put positive Post-Its Everywhere"

So a co-worker, who I call my daughter, aka baby girl, is the best daughter I could ask for without having an actual daughter (phew! Am I right?). Recently, she decided to start putting post-its on my desk before I come in. One says “I am brilliant, bright, and beautiful!’ Another says “‘I deserve and receive massive amounts of love every moment of every day”.  And sometimes, brace yourselves - this is crazy, I give her some too! Yeah, we're awesome.

Why it Helps:

You walk into work. It’s already a bad day. There was super traffic and you wanted to go home before you even stepped into your car. You finally sit down, and wait for your computer to start. You can’t help but notice the notes explaining how beautiful and lovely you are. I think I rest my case.

3. Have Something to Look Forward To

Guy taking picture two friends at a party, caption "Have something to look forward to"

I’ve always been someone who loves to go home no matter what, but when there is something besides being home to look forward to (meeting old friends, going to Barnes & Noble, working out – yeah I know, it’s a thing for some people), you’ll have an easier time getting through the day.

Why it Helps:

Frustrated at work? Keep telling yourself okay, just a few more days, one more day, a few more hours until (insert fun activity here). If you have something to keep you going, sure enough you’ll keep going.

4. Make a Gratitude List

Person with pen and paper in hand, caption "Make a gratitude list"

If it gets really bad and you can’t seem to get the negativity out of your loud mind, take a break from (trying to) work. Because when we are negative, our work doesn’t go as well as we want it to. A negative mind correlates to bad work (at least in your head). Open a notebook and write. Write what you’re grateful for. Trust me, it will be way longer than you think. And if you can’t think of anything, make yourself write down ten things. Look at it for a while.

Why it Helps:

When you step back from the little, minute things that are stressing you out or annoying you or making you crazy, and write down the big things, you start to realize how small and trivial the annoyances actually are. It puts things in a different perspective and soon enough you might just start laughing at how small that little ant is that’s trying to crawl back in your head. Squish it before it gets any bigger.

5. Be Selfish

Man in a suit walking out of a building, caption "Be Selfish"

Yes, you read it right. Sometimes people surrounding you are the ones that are stressing you out. Sometimes it gets to the point where you never think you’ll get out of the deep, deep hole they dug for both of you. It might not even be a person, it might be a blank illustrator artboard, or an infinite excel sheet that needs to be fixed. Don’t let those screens get you down either! Be selfish and write a blog about how negative you have to stop being (and how to do so) or listen to music, watch a short video, go to lunch alone, whatever it takes. Shut everything out except the one thing you need to do for yourself to get you happy. (See how many you’s I put in there?).

Why it Helps:

The word ‘selfish’ always has a negative connotation. But it doesn’t always have to be. Of course, if someone is asking you for help, don’t tell them well Kristin Jane Smith said to be selfish so… But also don’t forget about you. This will help because 1) it’ll make you a stronger person, 2) it’ll make you a more confident person 3) what’s more positive than a positive image of yourself?

6. Have "Happy Song Fridays" (or any day of the week really)

Stack of records and a pair of headphones on a shelf with caption "Have Happy Song Fridays"

Recently our office mom, (aka me), decided that we needed a happy day. Not because of anything necessarily, but because I love team bonding and because I’m the mom (did I mention that?) who wants her kids to all get along. What better way to bring people together besides happy music? Each person picked 5 of their favorite ‘happy’ songs, and on Friday we played them all on shuffle. The four hour playlist certainly created some hip vibes (isn't that what you kids are saying nowadays?).

Why it Helps:

Music creates feelings and feelings coincide with actions. When someone is listening to happy music, they are bound to feel happy, thus creating some kind of happy action. So it might not be super productive if your song is on (yes, I got up and danced at one point) but it will bring people together, and create an overall happy environment.

I really hope this helps, even if just for a few minutes of reading the blog. Yes, it’s easier to write about being positive and tell you what to do rather than actually being positive and actually doing what I tell you to do. It’s that whole ‘it’s easier to give advice rather than to take it’ kind of thing. But trust me, try these out! Come back when you’re feeling down just to remind yourself that positivity in the workplace can actually happen.

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Have a Happy Day!


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