How to Make Reindeer Gift Tags out of Peanut Shells

How to Make Reindeer Gift Tags out of Peanut Shells

Christmas mornings are always filled with excitement and delight. As shrieks of joy resonate through out the house, Christmas merriment becomes infectious. There's truly nothing sweeter than the act of giving. To see your loved ones' faces light up and receive hugs of gratitude is satisfaction enough in my book. Whether you plan to your dress presents in wrapping paper or gift bags, adding gift tags always adds a personal touch.

You don’t have to be an artist to create festive gift tags. If you have plain gift tags that need some sprucing up then I have the perfect idea for you. You can simply create reindeer gift tags out of peanuts! I probably sound nuts but its actually genius. Peanuts' natural color could easily pass for reindeer.

All you have to do is draw a cute face and antlers then you're good to go. These reindeer gift tags are such a breeze your kids can make them unsupervised. No cutting involved! You can even take them to the next level by adding attributes to resemble each of your relatives. Pigtails, freckles, a mole, or curly hair!

Reindeer gift tag peanuts

via You Can Call Me Gwen


What You’ll Need

Gift Tags


Black, red, & brown Markers


Step #1

Draw two black eyes and a red nose on your peanut


Step #2

Glue the peanut at the center of your gift tag


Step #3

Draw ears and antlers for your reindeer

Done, done, and done! Now you can make these reindeer gift tags!


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