DIY: Paper Roll Bird Feeder

DIY: Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Picture this, you're washing your hands at the kitchen sink, you look out the window and see a couple pretty birds resting in the trees. You go to grab a paper towel, but the roll is empty. Grabbing the roll, you think to yourself, hmm I should do something with this. And you CAN! So get ready because today you're going to learn how to make a DIY: Paper Roll Bird Feeder! And those birds you just saw outside? They're are about to enjoy a feast!

You’ll need: peanut butter, bird seed, a paper roll, twine, a knife, and a paper tray

1. Spread Peanut Butter

Spread your peanut butter on the bare paper roll with a plastic knife. If you are allergic to peanuts, you can use any other nut (or seed) butter!

2. Roll in Bird Seed

Pour seeds into a paper tray and turn the buttered roll around to cover every inch. This could get messy!

3. Feed Twine

Feed a long strip of twine through the tube and tie both ends together.

4. Hang Up!

Now it's time to pick a nice branch to hang your bird feeder on and watch! Your local feathery friends are going to LOVE you!

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