Cinco de Mayo: Paper Bag Pinata!

Cinco de Mayo: Paper Bag Pinata!

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Today is a celebration of the Mexican army’s triumph over the French during the Battle of Puebla. Though the battle did not mark their independence it was inspirational. It proved smaller countries could defeat the big guys. On Cinco de Mayo, Mexican food, dress, music, dance, instruments, parades, and even street festivals all occur in both Mexico and America.

children hitting colorful paper bag pinata cartoon

Want to be in on the celebration? Make your own paper bag pinata! If there’s anything I’ve observed, pinatas are timeless and treats are always desired. Bring out the blindfolds and have your party guests swing! Paper mache is rather time consuming and things tend to get messy, however paper bag pinatas won't take as long to create. The only mess you’ll have to worry about is when the goodies break free, but trust me moments later they’ll vanish before your eyes.

What You'll Need

Paper Bag

Red, white, & green Paper

Newspaper/Scrap Paper




Hole Puncher


Step #1

Cut out a piece of paper that will cover the bottom of the bag

cutting red paper beneath brown paper bag

Step #2

Glue it onto the bottom of the paper bag

woman gluing red paper rectangle to bottom of brown paper bag


red paper rectangle pasted to bottom of brown paper bag

Step #3

Cut out at least ten sheets of fringed paper. Measure the width using the bag for each side.

person cutting fringes on rectangular colored paper with scissors

Step #4 

Tape or glue the fringe paper to cover the longer sides of your paper bag

fringe paper taped in layers along long side of brown paper bag

Step #5

Do the same for the shorter sides, cutting out least nine per side. I used sticky notes since they were about the same size.

hands cutting fringe on red sticky notes with scissors

Tape them along the sides

hands attaching red fringed stick note paper on short side of brown paper bag in layers

Step #6

Fill your bag half way with scrap paper or newspaper

hands filling colorful fringed paper bag with colorful paper scraps

Step #7

Now put some treats inside!

brown paper bag filled with candy

Step #8

Punch at least two holes into the top of your paper bag

hands hole-punching top of bag

Step #9 

Put a string through the holes...

hand threading red string through holes in bag

..and tie it

hands tying together red string threaded through top of paper bag

Step #10

It's time to hang your pinata up and let the games begin!

colorful paper bag pinata


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