Space Day Craft: Water Bottle Spaceship

Space Day Craft: Water Bottle Spaceship

Today is Space Day! Lockheed Martin Corporation invented this holiday in 1997.  It is celebrated across the globe and it's intention is to encourage children to study science, math, engineering, and technology. Children have been fascinated with outer space and what occurs there for years. Now is the time to feed their growing curiosities and teach them all that we know!

[caption id="attachment_7827" align="aligncenter" width="500"]astronaut in space suit on moon with american flag in ground Neil Armstrong 1969[/caption]

NASA astronaut, Neil Armstrong, was the first man to walk on the moon in 1969. He was also credited for being the first to land a spacecraft,  Apollo 11, on the moon as well. He was able to safely return to Earth.

Just last month NASA found a light source on Mars. UFO blogger, Scott Waring, along with many other individual hypothesize that intelligent life does live under Mars' surface.

black and white landscape with small light in distance

 Believe it or not, hundreds of people have even claimed to see UFO's flying about. Only a few days ago, an unidentified London citizen claimed to see an UFO and provided pictures of it. The witness stated that it was black and appeared to be rotating. There are countless reports on UFO sightings on a regular basis but the question is which, if any, are true?  Though I can't confirm or deny these accusations, I certainly can't ignore them! For decades we have tried to imagine what aliens and UFO'S will look like and what will happen when they finally do appear on earth. Has the time already come? Who knows! One thing we do know is that it's Space Day. In honor of today let's learn to make a water bottle spaceship.

What You'll Need





Step #1

Roll your water bottle into a sheet of paper

hands rolling empty plastic water bottle in lime green construction paper

Step #2

Tape it at the end

hands taping ends of lime green paper cylinder

Step #3 

Fold the blue paper into a cone shape and secure it with tape. Be sure to trim the sides.

hands folding blue paper into pointed cone

Step #4 

Place the cone on top of the water bottle and tape it down

blue paper cone on top of green paper cylinder water bottle spaceship

Step #5 

Cut out four right triangles

red paper triangle cutouts on white background

Step #6 

Tape the triangles to each side of your spaceship

hands taping small red triangle to paper water bottle spaceship

It should look like this when you are finished.

green blue and red paper water bottle spaceship standing on desk

Step #7

Add any final touches and get ready for blast off!

space day paper water bottle spaceship craft


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