Christmas Window Decorating Contest

So, this past Friday, our JAM fam had a friendly little contest to get into the holiday spirit: a Christmas window decorating contest, using JAM products! Kristin was great enough to put together this little holiday party of sorts, so everyone on the marketing team is thankful for that! After lunch, we all got to work on trying to make the best window or door decorations because the 1st and 2nd place winners got an amazing prize: Dunkin Donuts gift cards! Seriously though, the only thing better than coffee is free coffee, and in this office, coffee is like gold and we can't get enough of it. Needless to say, everyone pulled out the stops! From 3D windows, to movie and TV show themes and even an abstract expression, everyone's windows turned out amazing and now our office is ready for the holidays! So, you're probably wondering what all of these festive windows look like, right? Well, from the fingertips of both Kate and Micheala, here you go!

Nick’s Lit Holiday

Is everyone ready to get TOTALLY LIT this month? Well, if you’re not yet, you will be after seeing Nick’s window. This wonderful creation captures the spirit of two holidays. He was innovative enough to bring in Christmas lights and make his whole creation shine. Nick was the only one of use to bring in outside sources, so snaps to his commitment to the contest and enthusiastic display of holiday spirit! Obviously, Nick’s holiday will be LIT…especially if he wears that amazing ugly Christmas sweater on Christmas day…or everyday for the rest of his life…either or. Nick used Glossy Wrapping paper in Green, 1-inch Sheer Ribbon in Blue, Navy and Yellow Cardstock, Foil Seals, and this Falling Snow Mega Roll Wrapping Paper.

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Kelly’s Ranger Christmas

I’m don’t know this fact for certain, but I’m going to go ahead and assume that Kelly’s favorite hockey team is the Rangers as this window is an awesome replica of the team’s jersey. From the lettering to the colors, I think Kelly nailed this. To make it festive, she topped it off with a Santa hat…and is clearly attempting to wear it in this picture. I think it’s almost believable? Bonus points for matching her ugly Christmas sweater to the theme! Also, she gets even more bonus points for convincing our boss to let us watch Elf all day long. Literally…we watched it twice. Kelly used Red, White and Blue Matte Wrapping Paper and some White Paint Markers.

Christmas Window Decorating Contest, matte wrapping paper, paint marker, rangers, hockey, christmas, holiday

Kristin’s 3D Polar Express Extravaganza

Kristin may not have finished her window, but her creativity and ambition was totally noticed! She made an entire train out of cardboard and covered it in our Black Matte Wrapping Paper and used the same wrapping paper in Cobalt and White for the background. She also utilized our Stardream metallic gold paper and regular grey paper. I certainly hope she finishes it, because her ideas sound amazing! Also, shout out to this girl for organizing this entire extravaganza and getting the entire JAM office in the mood for the holidays!

Christmas Window Decorating Contest, polar express, matte wrapping paper, stardream paper, holiday

Ellison’s Abstract “Crassmas” Creation

While not everyone appreciates abstract art, some people here at JAM must, because this creative window got a few votes at the end of the day. According to the man himself his design is, “raw, urban and provocative.” While I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, Ellison named his piece “Crassmas” and I think I understand why? Actually I have no idea. But I just don’t understand modern art. And although Ellison looks unexcited, I like to think that he can’t wait for Santa to arrive. He used Red Matte Wrapping paper as the background, Glossy Black Wrapping Paper as accents, a strip of Chevron Burlap Ribbon in Natural with Red, and some festive holiday wrapping paper.

Christmas Window Decorating Contest, abstract, matte wrapping paper, cardstock, holiday

Kate’s Merry Minion Christmas

So, this is my window and I have a weird obsession with Minions (Hello? They are adorable!). I mean, what’s cuter than a little yellow Minion? I’ll tell you: a Minion dressed as Santa Claus…(well, maybe a puppy…but this little guy is a very close second). So, making this guy was the obvious choice. And, if that fact didn’t make my undying love for Minions completely clear, I think my attire may have helped (thanks Kristin for the shirt!) I used Glossy Wrapping Paper in Red and Yellow, Matte Wrapping Paper in White, Stardream Metallic Paper in Silver, and Black Cardstock.

JAM employee, Santa minion Christmas window decoration

Leo's Winter Warning

If you don’t know Game of Thrones, this might not make any sense to you, even though it looks awesome either way! The ‘Winter is Coming’ phrase might have been said for about six seasons of the HBO masterpiece, but at least we know Santa is coming on the 25th. With our Glossy White Wrapping Paper for Santa’s beard, Silver Stardream and Brite Hue Red Paper to make up the signature Game of Thrones font, and our black matte wrap to tie the minimalist look together, Leo hit the nail on the head (or the tape on the door). Jon Snow may know nothing, but Santa knows when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake! And he’s coming sooner than we think. You’ve been warned.

JAM employee, "Santa is coming" Game of Thrones Christmas decorating

Christina’s Ginger Bread House

What’s more nostalgic on Christmas than a ginger bread house? Christina’s ginger bread house is complete with gumdrops, candy canes, and white frosting snow and icicles! This window invites its viewers to enjoy the holiday season along with the sweet treats that come along with it! Christina used Brown Kraft Wrapping Paper for the body of the house, Brite Hue Paper for the gumdrops, pink tissue paper for the cotton candy, and bright hue red paper and white satin ribbon for the candy canes.

JAM employee, gingerbread house decor

Evan’s Nightmarish Christmas

In this tribute to the Tim Burton classic, Evan brings Halloween and Christmas together with Jack Skellington, adorned in his Santa hat, reaching for the presents under a decorated Christmas tree. The clouds are pouring down snow and a crescent moon is cut into the top left corner. If The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of your favorite holiday movies, you will be sure to appreciate Evan’s endeavor on the darker side of decorating. Evan used Matte Black Wrapping paper for the background and White Matte wrapping paper for the snow and for Jack’s body.

JAM employee, Nightmare Before Christmas decoration

Jessica’ s Charlie Brown Christmas

It’s Christmas, Charlie Brown! As Charlie Brown’s friends reminded him of this in the beloved Christmas favorite, Jess chose to remind all of us through replicating one of its most famous scenes. The Peanuts Gang gathers around Charlie’s magically spruced up Christmas tree and sings carols. The message at the bottom says, “It’s not what under the tree that matters. It’s who’s around it.”   Jessica used Matte Cobalt Blue and Recycled White wrapping paper for the background. The types of paper she used for  the colorful tree farm are: Index Cover Buff, Index Cover Blue, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Vellum Bristol Orchid, Index Cover Green, Red Brite Hue paper, and Chocolate Brown card stock.

JAM employee, Charlie Brown Christmas decoration

Michaela’s Snowflake Christmas Village

After spending a lot of time looking at JAM Paper Christmas cards, I decided to create a window the replicated the style of a standard Christmas greeting. (You may recognize these snowflakes from e previous post in which I show you how to make them!) I created a scene of snow falling on a quiet winter village. The largest snowflake rests inside the cutout shape of a large Christmas star. For this window, I used Blue and Silver Snowflake Wrapping Paper, Burgundy Base paper, Brown Kraft paper Bag 100% Recycled Paper, Green Brite Hue Recycled Paper, and Royal Blue Satin Ribbon. (To see materials and instruction for 3D snowflakes, click here. )

JAM employerr, snowflake Christmas decoration

We hope that seeing these windows has gotten you into the holiday spirit! We had so much fun with this Christmas Window Decorating Contest and we hope that maybe they have inspired to do the same. Whether you can convince your boss at work, or just do it with your kids at home, making these windows is sure to get anyone ready for Christmas! Let us see how yours turn out by sharing them on Instagram by tagging us @jampaper.

Also: Big shout out AND photo credit to our awesome boss Andrew who let us do this and took all of these festive picture!

Tips for Hosting a Successful Christmas Window Decorating Contest

Hosting a Christmas window decorating contest can be a fun and festive way to bring the community together and spread holiday cheer. Whether you're organizing the contest for your neighborhood, school, or business district, there are a few key tips to keep in mind to ensure its success. First, be sure to set clear guidelines and criteria for the contest, including rules for participation, judging criteria, and any prizes or awards that will be given out. Additionally, consider enlisting the help of local sponsors or businesses to provide support or donations for the event. Promoting the contest through social media, local newspapers, and community bulletin boards can also help generate excitement and participation. Lastly, be sure to plan a festive and fun awards ceremony to announce the winners and celebrate the creativity and holiday spirit of all participants.

Benefits of Participating in a Christmas Window Decorating Contest

Participating in a Christmas window decorating contest can offer a range of benefits for individuals and businesses alike. For individuals, it provides an opportunity to showcase creativity, spread holiday cheer, and potentially win prizes or recognition for their efforts. For businesses, participating in a community-wide contest can help attract customers, increase foot traffic, and create a festive and inviting atmosphere that can boost sales during the holiday season. Additionally, participating in a contest can foster a sense of community and camaraderie among participants, as they come together to celebrate the holiday spirit and showcase their artistic talents.

Use Cases for Christmas Window Decorating Contests

Christmas window decorating contests can be used in a variety of settings and for different purposes. For example, neighborhoods or residential communities may organize a contest to bring residents together and create a festive atmosphere during the holiday season. Schools and educational institutions may host a contest to engage students in creative activities and promote school spirit. Similarly, business districts and commercial areas may use a window decorating contest as a way to attract customers, increase foot traffic, and create a festive and inviting atmosphere that benefits local businesses and the community as a whole.

Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Window Decorating Contests

While traditional Christmas window decorating contests are a popular and festive way to celebrate the holiday season, there are alternative ways to engage in similar activities. For example, some communities may opt for a holiday lights competition, where participants decorate their homes or storefronts with festive lights and decorations. Others may choose to organize a holiday craft fair or market, where local artisans and vendors can showcase and sell their holiday-themed goods. Additionally, some organizations may opt for a charitable approach, hosting a holiday decorating contest where participants create festive displays using donated or recycled materials, with the goal of raising funds or awareness for a charitable cause.

Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Christmas Window Displays

When participating in a Christmas window decorating contest, there are a few key tips to keep in mind to create an eye-catching and memorable display. First, consider incorporating a cohesive theme or concept that ties the display together and captures the holiday spirit. Additionally, be sure to use a variety of colors, textures, and materials to create visual interest and depth in the display. Lighting can also play a key role in creating a festive and inviting atmosphere, so consider incorporating twinkling lights, candles, or other illuminated elements. Lastly, don't be afraid to think outside the box and get creative with your display, whether it's through unique decorations, interactive elements, or unexpected twists on traditional holiday themes.

How to Promote a Christmas Window Decorating Contest

Promoting a Christmas window decorating contest is essential to generating excitement and participation from the community. Utilize social media platforms to create event pages, share updates, and encourage participants to showcase their creativity and spread the word. Reach out to local media outlets, such as newspapers, radio stations, and community newsletters, to publicize the contest and attract a wider audience. Consider partnering with local businesses, organizations, or sponsors to help promote the contest and provide support or donations. Additionally, create eye-catching promotional materials, such as flyers, posters, and banners, to display in high-traffic areas and generate interest in the contest.


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