DIY Hanging Geometric Paper Snowflakes

DIY Hanging Geometric Paper Snowflakes

Nothing gets people in the Christmas spirit like beautiful, sparkling white snow. Whether it has begun snowing or not this year where you live, you can bring some of the beauty of the winter weather inside without the disadvantage of the cold air. These easy to make geometric paper snowflakes are perfect decorations for winter parties or for hanging in your home! All you need is: Materials: colored paper, scissors, pencil, tape, string, ruler For each section of this snowflake, you will need a perfectly square piece of paper. As we are using standard sized paper here, we will be making 8.5 inch squares.

Step 1:

Use the ruler to measure 8 ½ inches up the side of the paper. Trace straight line across the 8 ½ line mark.  Cut along this line to create a perfectly square piece of paper. Repeat this step six times until you have six square pieces of paper.

hands tracing ruler on white paper

Step 2:

Fold the first square into a triangle, making sure that both sided of the triangle are even. Then, fold this triangle to form smaller triangle

hands folding white paper into triangle

Step 3:

Hold the triangle at an angle with its top pointed to the right and its bottom/ double fold facing downward, as seen below.

How to cut paper triangles

Step 4:

Take scissors and make slits in the triangle that are ½ inch apart, beginning near the top pint and working your way to the left. Make sure to make these cuts at an angle. If you hold the triangle with the bottom level, the lines will not be facing in the correct direction. (Incisions should extend as close to the edge of the paper as possible without going all the way though).

DIY Geometric Hanging Paper Snowflakes, Paper, Cutting, Scissors, triangle, hands

Step 5:

Unfold the square. This should be done slowly and carefully as the newly cut thin pieces may get caught on each other which can cause them to rip. Unfolded, the square should now look like this:

Square unfolded, slits cut into it

 Step 6:

Now you will begin folding the paper to form the first section of your snowflake! First, grab a small piece of clear tape. Then, take the middle section the square and fold the two loose corners over each other leaving space on the inside. Use the tape to fasten this fold.

Folding paper into snowflake

Step 7:

Flip the paper over so that the fold you just made is facing the table. Take the next section around the middle of the paper and tape the loose corners together.

snowflake craft paper

Step 8:

Flip the paper over again and do the same thing with the next section. Repeat this until all sections are taped. The first section of your snowflake is now complete!

Hands folding paper into snowflake

Step 9:

Now, take the next square piece of paper and repeat steps 1-8. Do this with the next four pieces as well until you have six snowflake sections.

Step 10:

Now you will put your snowflake sections together. Begin this process by putting two sections together and taping them at the inner conjoining corners. Add all of the pieces consecutively in the same manner, taping them in the middle as your go.

snowflake paper

Step 11:

Once your snowflake is fully fastened together in the middle, reinforce it by taping each section together at the corners that touch just before they curve towards the outer points.

Tape corners of snowflakes

Step 12:

Your snowflake is done! Now you just have to hang it up. To do this, take a long piece of clear thread or fishing line and tie it through the outer most loop of any section of the snowflake. (The sections you choose to tie the string through will become the top of the snowflake). If your thread is not tying well, you may reinforce it with tape. After this is done, you can hang your snowflake anywhere by tying or taping the string to a ceiling, window sill, or other fixture.

Optional: Make hanging paper ornament decorations with the red and green paper! Simply take a sheet of either color and repeat steps 1-8. Attach a string and your ornament decoration is complete!

Completed snowflake paper crafts

You are now ready to deck the halls with some homemade winter cheer. Make as many or as few snowflakes as you need to decorate your chosen space!


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