Make Your Own Wrapping Paper Christmas Trees!

Christmas is only two weeks away! For some of us, this is exciting news. But for others, there is a Christmas party coming right around the corner and our houses are still not decorated!  What can be done? How will your living or office space because holiday ready in such a short time? Take a deep breath. Here at JAM, thanks to our wide variety of festive holiday wrapping paper, we have your solution.  Few things remind people of the holiday season like decorated pine trees do! These bright and shiny evergreens are easy to make and will bring a both cheerful and minimalist appearance to your Christmas décor. Bring a wintry forest scene inside using only four supplies: The JAM wrapping papers used for the trees in this post are: Green with Ornaments, Blue and Silver Snowflakes, Merry Christmas Stripes, Christmas Kraft Glitter Trees, Holiday Zig Zags, Holiday Flowers

Step 1:

Take a toilet paper roll and carefully unroll it along the seam, making sure it only comes apart where it had previously been glued together.

Toilet paper roll undone, flattened on table

Step 2:

Realign the tube so that the corners overlap and the bottom edges of the corned form a straight line. Tape the corners together like this. Because the tube will try to roll back into its original shape, more than one piece of tape may be necessary.

Toilet paper tube folded and taped at corners

Step 3:

Cut the tube along the straight line where you taped it in the previous step so the entire bottom of the tube is even with this line. It does not have to be perfect, as this part of the finished product will be hidden from view.

Toilet paper tube cut with scissors

Step 4:

Take a wrapping paper roll of your choice and cut a roughly 7 x 10 inch rectangular piece of wrapping paper out of this roll. You may cut a piece larger or smaller, depending on the size of tree you wish to create.

Step 5:

Place the reconfigured toilet paper tube on its side with the bottom edge aligned with the bottom edge of your wrapping paper piece. Tape them together at the bottom with a single piece of tape.

Taped toilet paper tube and wrapping paper

Step 6:

Begin rolling the paper around the tube at an angle so that the paper forms a cone around the tube. Complete this cone by taking the right top corner of the paper and folding it over the cone, pulling gently until no empty space can be seen at the point of the cone.

Gift paper wrapped around toilet paper tube

Step 7:

Holding the outer fold of the cone firmly, tape it in place. When you left go, the wrapping paper should not unroll and should look like this:

Cutting excess wrapping paper from cone with scissors

Step  8:

Cut evenly along the bottom of the cone to create a flat tree bottom. It is okay if the line is not perfect, but make it as straight as you can so that the tree will stand upright.

Cutting bottom of cone flat

Step 9:

(Optional): To give your tree a finishing touch, you may way to add a star on tap! For my stars, I used a star shaped hole punch and yellow paper. Simply a star out of the yellow paper and tape it to the top of the tree!

Yellow star placed on point of cone

Your tree is now complete! Completed wrapping paper trees


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