Christmas Window Decorating Contest: Year 2

Christmas Window Decorating Contest: Year 2

Nick’s Call for WillChristmas Window Decorating, stranger things, alphabet

                If we spoiled anything for you with this Stranger Things themed window, you’re way behind and we don’t care (kidding, love you all). Taking it back to season one, Nick reminded everyone that Winona Ryder was even nuttier in the first season, Will was not even a character yet, and Barb mattered (ish). Nick also showed JAM that being in a rush and working until (almost) the last minute doesn’t mean you won’t get the first place prize! The lights were the perfect finishing touch to one of the most iconic scenes in today’s TV.


Materials: Brown Kraft Wrap, Red Paint Marker, Green Satin Ribbon, Wrapping Paper we no longer sell (good job Nick…)

Michaela’s SnowfriendChristmas Window Decorating, Snowman, candy cane

I imagine if this was a real snowman, Michaela would’ve gotten frostbite – because this Snowfriend is HUGE! Measuring definitely over Nick (he’s like super tall), we all couldn’t NOT vote for her! I personally love the kraft wrap twisted together to make his (or her) stick arms. But really … SO. TALL! And that scarf! Okay, I’ll stop.


Materials: Blue Wrap, White and Black Labels, Orange and Black Paper, Red Satin Ribbon, Christmas Wrapping Paper

Jessica’s BuddyChristmas Window Decorating, buddy the elf, christmas cheer

Jessica went straight for the best way to spread Christmas cheer. I asked her to sing loud and she decided against, but hey! It’s not Christmas just yet. With her awesomely jumbotastic (yes, those are words) elf silhouette you could just imagine how Will Ferrell really looked next to his elf friends. And that feather? Gosh, it’s perfect.


Materials: Yellow Matte Wrapping Paper, Green Glossy Wrapping Paper, Black Matte Wrapping Paper, Gold Foil Wrapping Paper, Green Paper, Red Paper, Yellow Paper

Kyle’s JAMtastic ChristmasChristmas Window Decorating, JAM supplies, paper cups

One of our newest members of the JAM team decided to be the only one to make an awesome JAM themed window! With all of our products (just kidding, we have too many to count), he created a snowflake stapler, plastic cups, papercloops, gift bow extravaganza. Who would’ve thought all of that would go together? Oh, also – he didn’t forget the ®, props.

Materials: Black Glossy Wrap, Green, Grey, White, and Red Paper, Clear Translucent Envelope, and a Gift Bow

Jay’s Merry ChrismukkahChristmas Window Decorating, Merry Chrismukkah, Christmas, Hannukah

Celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas is the way to go! Whoever thought of that Reindeer with the Menorah antlers is hilarious. Anyway, Jay decided to go halfsies and celebrate under the Christmas tree and next to the Menorah at the same time! Genius! Oh and that perfect sweater to match?! Come on now ...

Materials: Red Merry Christmas Wrap, Hanukkah Stars Wrap

Nora’s Own North PoleChristmas Window Decorating, north pole, winter sunsets

                I asked Nora before she started what she wanted to do – she said, “you know what, I love winter sunrises and sunsets”. And there you have it. Nora made her own ‘Nora Pole’ and made it so that I would LOVE to join her … even if I hate the snow, she convinced me to visit.

Materials: Orange, Baby Pink, Green, Red Paper, Orange Matte Wrap, Grey Matte Wrap, White Matte Wrap, Handmade Wrap (Blue with Stitching Roll), Gold Wafer Seals

Christina’s GrinchmasChristmas Window Decorating, the Grinch, Grinchmas

                All you need is JAM’s green paper to make a scene come to life! Christina got on her Grinch side this year and decided that those long green fingers were going to steal her perfectly wrapped presents! Good thing we caught him in the act!.Not that the Grinch really cares so much since his heart is two sizes too small.

Materials: Brown, Red, and Black Kraft Wrap, Gold Foil Wrap, Kraft Black Ho Ho Ho Wrap, Red Merry Christmas Wrap, Green Paper, and another wrap out of stock (guys … really).

Leo’s Grammatically Correct Window.Christmas Window Decorating, black wrap, star wars christmas

Enough said.

Materials: Black Kraft Wrap, White Cardstock

Steve’s Yummy LatteChristmas Window Decorating, Starbucks coffee, latte

                Who doesn’t love an amazing Starbucks latte to warm up their Christmas? Steve definitely does, especially the toasted white chocolate mocha. Steve was a last minute contestant, not knowing what he wanted to do. I’m assuming his inspiration was someone’s Starbucks cup in the office, and BAM it was created. Pretty easily and quickly too!

Materials: Kraft Black Ho Ho Ho Wrap, Kraft Wrap, Red Kraft Wrap, Black Kraft Wrap, White Kraft Wrap

No Name's BearChristmas Window Decorating, polar bear, glossy wrap

No-name (aka not google friendly NAME) decided minimalism was her or his best asset. With just white matte wrapping paper and a little black glossy wrap, she or he made the cutest polar bear I’ve ever seen in the office!

Materials: White Matte Wrap, Black Glossy Wrap

Billy’s Snowboard FlipChristmas Window Decorating, snowboard flip, santa

At first Billy told me he was going to do a ping pong game among Santa and friends, and then I looked up to find this – Santa midair doing a 180 degree flip thing (insert real snowboarding term here)! He went minimal too, and it totally worked out. Whether you think it’s a funny window or a totally tubular (insert real snowboarding slang term here) one, we all loved it.

Materials: White Glossy Wrap, White Matte Wrap, Kraft Wrap, Red Kraft Wrap, Black Ho Ho Ho Christmas Wrap, Black Matte Wrap

Kristin’s Peek at Santa and MommyChristmas Window Decorating, mommy kissing santa, kisses

So this is mine… and I don’t like to brag. I also didn’t finish my vision just like last year, so there really isn’t much to brag about anyway. I started off with dressing my already drawn characters, don’t they look so cute?! This took the whole time. So I got some of my office mates to help me out with the mistletoe. Thanks Billy and Jess!

Materials: Brown Kraft Wrap, Green Tissue Paper, White Cardstock, Handmade Wrapping Paper, Red Glossy Wrap, Chocolate Brown Matte Wrapping Paper, Black Paper, Green Paper, Red Paper, Black Sharpie

Get Ready for the Christmas Window Decorating Contest: Year 2

It's that time of year again - the annual Christmas Window Decorating Contest is back for its second year! This exciting event is a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to showcase their creativity and spread some holiday cheer. Participants can let their imaginations run wild as they transform their storefront windows into festive works of art. From traditional holiday scenes to modern and whimsical displays, the possibilities are endless. The contest is a fantastic way to bring the community together and create a festive atmosphere for all to enjoy. Whether you're a seasoned participant or a first-timer, this year's contest promises to be bigger and better than ever!

Benefits of Participating

Participating in the Christmas Window Decorating Contest offers a range of benefits. Not only does it provide an opportunity to showcase your creativity and spread holiday cheer, but it also serves as a fantastic marketing tool. A beautifully decorated window can attract attention and draw in potential customers, helping to boost sales during the busy holiday season. Additionally, participating in the contest can help to foster a sense of community spirit and goodwill, as businesses and individuals come together to celebrate the festive season.

Use Cases for Window Decorating

Window decorating is not just for businesses - individuals can also get in on the fun! Whether you're a homeowner looking to spread some holiday cheer or a business owner hoping to attract customers, participating in the Christmas Window Decorating Contest is a great way to get creative and showcase your festive spirit. From traditional holiday scenes to modern and whimsical displays, there are endless possibilities for how to decorate your window for the contest.

Alternatives to Traditional Decorations

While traditional holiday decorations are always a hit, there are plenty of alternative options to consider for the Christmas Window Decorating Contest. Think outside the box and consider using unconventional materials, incorporating technology, or even creating an interactive display. The key is to stand out and capture the attention of passersby, so don't be afraid to get creative and think outside the box!

Tips for Creating a Winning Display

Creating a winning display for the Christmas Window Decorating Contest requires a combination of creativity, planning, and attention to detail. Start by brainstorming ideas and sketching out your design to ensure it will fit your window space. Consider incorporating elements that will catch the eye, such as lights, movement, or bold colors. Additionally, be sure to consider the overall theme and message you want to convey with your display. Finally, don't forget to take into account the practical aspects, such as weatherproofing and ensuring your display is visible both day and night.

Join in on the Festive Fun

Whether you're a seasoned participant or a first-timer, the Christmas Window Decorating Contest is a fantastic opportunity to get creative, spread some holiday cheer, and potentially attract new customers. With the benefits of participating, a range of use cases, alternative decoration options, and tips for creating a winning display, there's no reason not to join in on the festive fun. Get ready to showcase your creativity and spread some holiday cheer as you participate in this year's Christmas Window Decorating Contest!


Christmas Window Decorating Contest Year 2 at JAM Paper's Blog

Key Summary:

  • The article will discuss the Christmas Window Decorating Contest Year 2 at JAM Paper's blog, providing fun and festive ideas for participants to showcase their creativity and win prizes.
  • Participants will learn about contest details, theme and guidelines, judging criteria, prizes, tips and ideas for creating unique decorations.
  • The article will also include real-world use cases, step-by-step instructions, and examples of past contest entries for inspiration.

Get ready to deck the halls and showcase your creativity with the Christmas Window Decorating Contest Year 2 at JAM Paper's blog! As the holiday season approaches, festive decorations are a must, and what better way to spread cheer than by participating in this exciting contest. In this article, we will provide all the information you need to enter the contest, including submission guidelines, theme, judging criteria, prizes, and tips for creating eye-catching window decorations. Whether you're a seasoned decorator or a first-time participant, this contest is the perfect opportunity to get into the holiday spirit and showcase your artistic talents. Let's make this holiday season merry and bright with JAM Paper's Christmas Window Decorating Contest!

Contest Details

Are you ready to show off your holiday spirit and creativity? Entering the Christmas Window Decorating Contest Year 2 at JAM Paper's blog is easy! Simply follow the submission guidelines provided on the contest page and make sure to submit your entry before the deadline. Whether you're decorating a window at home, in your office, or at a local business, this contest is a great way to spread holiday cheer and showcase your festive decorations.

Theme and Guidelines

The theme of the Christmas Window Decorating Contest Year 2 is "Winter Wonderland." Participants are encouraged to create window decorations that capture the magic and beauty of the winter season. To ensure fairness and creativity, there are specific guidelines that participants must follow, such as using only non-damaging materials on windows and incorporating at least three different colors in their decorations.

Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged based on creativity, originality, adherence to the theme, and overall visual impact. Judges will evaluate each entry carefully to select winners who best capture the essence of a winter wonderland in their window decorations. Make sure to put your best foot forward and let your creativity shine through in your entry!


Winners of the Christmas Window Decorating Contest Year 2 will receive exciting prizes, including gift cards, holiday-themed merchandise, and the opportunity to be featured on JAM Paper's blog and social media channels. In addition to these prizes, all participants will receive a certificate of participation to commemorate their involvement in the contest. Get ready to win big and spread holiday cheer with your festive window decorations!

Who Should Participate in this Contest

Whether you're a seasoned decorator or a first-time participant, the Christmas Window Decorating Contest Year 2 at JAM Paper's blog is perfect for:

  • Individuals who love to get creative during the holiday season
  • Businesses looking to showcase their festive spirit
  • Families wanting to bond over a fun decorating activity
  • Artists looking for a platform to showcase their talents
  • Anyone who wants to spread holiday cheer and win exciting prizes

When to Showcase Your Creativity

Participants should start planning and decorating their windows for the contest:

  1. As soon as the contest is announced to have ample time for creativity
  2. During the holiday season to spread festive cheer
  3. Before the submission deadline to ensure entry eligibility
  4. When looking for a fun and creative activity to do alone or with loved ones
  5. When wanting to win exciting prizes and be featured on JAM Paper's blog

Examples of Creative Window Decorations

Looking for inspiration for your window decorations? Check out these use case examples:

Winter Wonderland Scene

  • Use white and blue decorations to create a snowy landscape
  • Add snowflakes, icicles, and snowmen for a whimsical touch
  • Incorporate twinkling lights to mimic a starry night sky
  • Include polar bears, penguins, and other winter animals for a festive look
  • Use window clings or stencils to create intricate designs

Traditional Christmas Theme

  • Decorate with classic red and green colors for a traditional feel
  • Add ornaments, garlands, and ribbons for a festive touch
  • Incorporate a Christmas tree, stockings, and Santa Claus for a classic look
  • Use candles or LED lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Add a wreath or mistletoe for a finishing touch

What Sets Our Product Apart

Our product stands out from the competition due to its unique features and benefits:

  • High-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity
  • Customizable options to suit individual preferences and needs
  • Innovative design that combines style with functionality
  • Exceptional customer service and support for a seamless experience
  • Eco-friendly practices that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility

List of Potential Applications

Our product can be used in a variety of settings and scenarios, making it versatile and adaptable for different needs:

  • Home decor: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space with our product
  • Office settings: Create a professional and organized work environment with our product
  • Events and celebrations: Add a touch of elegance and style to special occasions
  • Retail displays: Showcase products and merchandise in an attractive and eye-catching way
  • Gift-giving: Offer a unique and thoughtful present to friends and loved ones

Maximizing Your Experience with Our Product

To get the most out of your adventure with our product, consider the following tips and recommendations:

Personalization Options

Take advantage of our customization features to tailor the product to your specific preferences and style. Whether it's choosing colors, sizes, or additional accessories, make the product uniquely yours.

Maintenance and Care

Ensure the longevity and durability of the product by following the recommended maintenance and care instructions. Regular cleaning, proper storage, and handling can extend the lifespan of the product.

Creative Applications

Think outside the box and explore creative ways to use the product beyond its traditional purpose. Whether it's repurposing it for different settings or combining it with other items for a unique display, let your imagination run wild.

Community Engagement

Connect with other users and enthusiasts of the product to share ideas, tips, and inspiration. Join online forums, social media groups, or attend events to engage with a community that shares your passion for the product.

Feedback and Reviews

Provide feedback and reviews of your experience with the product to help us improve and enhance future iterations. Your input is valuable in shaping the product's development and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Wrap-Up and Festive Farewell

As we conclude our discussion on the Christmas Window Decorating Contest Year 2 at JAM Paper's blog, we hope you are inspired to participate and showcase your creativity this holiday season. From contest details to theme guidelines, judging criteria, prizes, and tips for creating unique decorations, we've covered everything you need to know to get started. Remember, this contest is open to everyone, whether you're a seasoned decorator or a first-time participant. So, gather your materials, let your imagination run wild, and spread holiday cheer with your festive window decorations. Let's make this holiday season merry and bright together!

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