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Sharpie Fine Point Markers

Sharpie Fine Point Markers

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Not too bold, yet not too fine. These Sharpie Fine Point Markers are a nice medium for those looking to make a point, but not just any point, a perfectly ordinary average point. The Sharpie Fine Point Markers are not quite as thin as the ultra fine markers and not quite as thick as the chisel tip markers.

This is the original style of the Sharpie marker pen. Don’t let its simplicity scare you away though; this standard permanent marker is available in 24 awesome colors that are guaranteed to keep you creative and as original as the marker itself. With our collection of neon colors, you'll be sure to catch the attention of anyone! These fine tip markers are perfect art markers whether for simple drawing papers or presentation boards. And with our metallic permanent marker, you are sure to make a shining statement. In addition to the single color pack we even have multi-packs of the sharpie permanent marker set if you can't choose just one! (We know how hard that is!) 

The Sharpie fine point metallic marker is permanent on most surfaces, as well as able to resist fading and water.

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