Light Up Your Halloween with These Spooktacular Paper Lanterns

Let's Get Spooky!

Looking to add some enchanting and eerie charm to your Halloween decor this season? Look no further! Craft your very own paper lanterns from translucent paper for a spooktacular touch to your fall celebrations.

To create these hauntingly beautiful lanterns, you'll need a few supplies.

Translucent paper - Black paper - Tea lights - Exacto blade - Glue - Tape

First, start by turning your black paper horizontally and draw a border around it. Make this border about a half Inch to an inch. This will be our base.

Next, draw a Halloween-inspired design. Think of images like ghosts, witches, black cats, pumpkins, and bats. The drawing can be as simple or as intricate as you’d like. Make sure when sketching out your image, to draw the design into the border. This will help us when we get to the cutting.

If you cannot think of what to draw, simply find an awesome picture online and print it out. This can be used as a stencil for your lantern.

Once your designs are sketched onto your paper, you are ready to get cutting. Carefully cut out the parts of the picture you would like light to shine through. Do not cut your main objects, for example, do not cut the entire house out but cut out the house’s windows and background.

After everything is cut out the way you’d like, glue or tape your translucent paper behind the cut out design.

Gently take your two sides of the paper and tape them together to create a cylinder shape.

Place a battery-operated tea light inside your lantern, light it up, and watch your creations come to life. The soft, flickering light shining through the translucent paper will create an eerie and magical ambiance that just screams Halloween!

You can make multiple lanterns with all different designs and place them throughout your home, in a window display, or set them on your tables for a bewitching Halloween atmosphere that's sure to impress your friends and guests.

These DIY paper lanterns add a unique and creative touch to your Halloween decor but also offer a fun crafting activity for friends and family. So, get ready to illuminate your Halloween night with these hauntingly beautiful paper lanterns, and let the spookiness begin! Happy Halloween crafting!


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