How to Make an Origami Bunny

Origami Bunny: Step by Step Guide

With Easter right around the corner I thought this might be a fun guide to post on the blog. The origami bunny. It doesn't require too many folds and it's pretty easy to make, just follow the directions! You'll want to pick a paper color of your choice, I used light pink. As is standard practice with origami folding, make sure the paper you are working with is a square. To do that, simply fold one of the top corners to the end of the paper, and cut off the excess. Okay! Let's get to it! STEP 1: Keeping it simple, fold the paper in half, to make a triangle. light pink paper folded in half to form triangle STEP 2: Again again! Fold the paper in half again, to make an even smaller triangle! light pink paper folded in half into smaller triangle STEP 3: Open up that smaller triangle, back to the first one, and fold up the bottom slightly. light pink paper triangle with bottom folded up STEP 4: Fold both the left and right sides to meet at the center crease, like so... light pink paper with both sides folded into center with silver rulerlight pink paper folded and smoothed down with metallic silver steel ruler STEP 5: Fold the bottom point up slightly. light pink origami bunny paper with bottom folded up slightly STEP 6: Flip your bunny over, and fold the top point inward slightly. origami bunny light pink paper with top folded down STEP 7: Draw on a face! and voila, you are done! Completed light pink paper origami bunny with drawn on face


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